Monday, September 10, 2012

Youth Alive, Youth Alive, Youth Alive

Good Morning!!!!

Today I'm feeling the Monday Morning Affect more than usual...Why you might ask? Two words...Youth Alive!! :) Not to mention an awesome set of Sunday services with Bro.Jones!

Thursday Night Bro. Jones preached a powerful message, although it was short, I'm sure it changed many lives. The same can be said about Friday night. It's more than just "Pumping" young people up. Ultimately the choice is ours..Living for God. Every day, you can't do it with out a desire to do so. No level of "Pump" can get you there. You have to live it for yourself :) To be real with yourself, when no one else is around. Don't go another day, sitting on the fence. Neutral is only in your mind because the bible says you can't serve two masters. Living for God is not this struggle-less journey. The best things are worth fighting for! Better is one day in his courts, than thousands else where. That is powerful because even the hardest day you might go through, would be better than one day alone. Alone, with out God. That brings great comfort. :)

Six Flags: What a blast. Although it was super hot, we all managed. I actually took a video of the entire drop on the doom ride. I thought I was going to lose my camera. I also had my refillable cup stolen after a ride. With what those cups cost, they should come with tracking devices. haha I let everyone down after that. haha Long story short. $30 in soda :( lol I hope everyone had a blast. I didn't take very many pics but here are a few!

Bell's Dedication

Bell and her gradfather 
Youth Alive-Thursday Night! 

Pew Shot


This one came out really blurry because I moved. Emily and Bell

Elena and Bell!

Yuriah on the Right

Jen and Josh ( two of my fav. people)



Not the cleanest pic. 

Bro. Jones Preaching. My flash was off

I have the bad habbit of making people laugh just before the pic. lol 


Bell Gardens!

Starting the day off right...Iced Coffee with White Mocha!!

Super Hot day!!!!! At least 90 ! 


After our first ride!!

Group Pic

The happily married. lol 

This is the view from the top of the Doom ride! 

@ Bj's after service (Sunday Night, Happy bday Jacob)

Have a good day everyone :)




  1. You managed in the heat but I nearly died ! Lol and you are yuriah look like brother and sister :)

    1. Anali, come back to AZ...we got GOOOOOD weather here!!! :)

  2. LOL! that's why I love the bay area weather! haha She is like a sister to me! :))

  3. Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I'm still sad I didn't get to go this year!!! LOL!!! All ya all had BETTER be at WCC!! OH ANNNND...Anali said, you said, you had NEVER actually met me...YOU DID...last Youth Alive!!! At your church!!! I think you were standing by the door or something!!! I neva forget meetin a person...weeeeellll rarely...HAHA!!!

    1. Let's all hang out at WCC ! We should take a Blogger picture ! Lol I can't wait!

  4. Lol Yes we should all get a pic!

    @ Mary,

    I'm having a hard time remembering that but that's cool. West Coast is just around the corner!


  5. Bell is so cute, I'm glad I got to meet her!

  6. Thanks Emily! :))

    She enjoys meeting new people!