Thursday, September 13, 2012

Almost Friday!

Good Morning! 

 What I've been up to:  As of late, I've been reading up a lot on Pearl Harbor. I have the utmost respect for our U.S.Soldiers. Their tremendous sacrifice. The Sept. 11 anniversary just passing us, it's good to stop and reflect on the tremendous history of this great nation. Let us never forget that. 

Church Yesterday:  So yesterday we had an awesome youth service. It was such a blessing. A couple people did point out to me...something I was fully aware of. My shirt, the shirt I CHOSE to wear mind you...was indeed, with out a shadow of a doubt. Yellow :/ lol Although I have expressed my dislike for that color,  it wasn't as difficult for me to wear as I expected. I actually thought it was a really nice shirt. lol It was a gift and comfortable. Friends of mine, have approached me at times, just to show off their yellow outfits. haha Nicole Wakefield will gladly share with you her dislike for silver suits. haha We all have our humorous/silly/intense pet peeves. 

This Weekend: I plan on doing a little part time work with my neighbor . Helping him with his thriving new food business. 

Any plans upcoming??: Possibly a little road trip, to see my fav. Midget crew...( They know who they are) hahaha!

Could I possibly get any more random? No. lol




  1. What?! You don't like Yellow!?!!!
    What is WRONG WITH YOU!
    One of my walls is half yellow, lol.
    Hanna didn't like Yellow at first, but after being around me so much she likes it now!

  2. Tear down that wall. haha Good for Hanna, it's Friday Anali!

  3. The midget crew...Some of my friends from up North! lol You want me to name names huh? LOL