Monday, January 30, 2012

Yes...Yes...Shame on me. lol

Good morning :) It's been way to long! lol

I'm not gonna make excuses why I haven't updated. I will just blame it on the recession. lol Tim, Tomas, and I took a trip to Fontana this past week. They had their annual West Coast Youth Conference. Like Meg Rowell (Pronounced: RAAAAWWWLL) best put it, we had the time of our lives! lol There was a great turn out of people. It was good seeing new young people from the Santa Clarita Church., praying at the alter. I think there wasn't a single empty seat in the place. :0 ! I personally sat inside a Sunday School room and listened. Lol Afterwards, there was about a hundred different people to greet. Following the service was the lock in. It was fun hanging with the awesome people of Whittier, they have a great sense of humor. I met the legend "Josh of West Coast" Sister Julie.

Josh of West Coast

Talk about a cool person! Kyle in the meantime made fun of my basketball skills. lol I was rusty to say the least. haha  After the gym we all headed to Norms. The look on the staff's face was priceless. haha Cassia had all of captivated by her story telling skills. She told us about The Elijah Room. Lexis had me laughing the whole time. While we all took turns reading poems written by Shauday (pronounced Shawty). Here is an excerpt.

"I thought I would have a stroke......

                      ......but it was all a joke"


It took me about 4 Hours to finally get her name right. I also got to hang with my good friend Daniel. I anticipated the evening would be memorable so I brought my camera. Only problem is, it was dead. lol So the pics below were courtesy of Meg.

This ones Kyle's

I forgot to mention, I got the rebuking of a life time that night. From a bunch of people who read my blog, not enough posts lately. I will improve. hehehe There is nothing like Godly, clean, fellowship :) 

One last thing....

#True Story
A hilarious moment: I was walking by my coworker. He was sitting down. I noticed a wallet on the floor, just behind him. It kinda looked like mine....

 I say to him, "Who's wallet is that? He goes, "That's Mark's wallet!" 
I go, "You ARE MARK". "Why are you referring to yourself in third person?!" hahaha  I asked him if he's feeling alright. lol 

*sigh* Mondays lol

Have a great day!



Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year :)

Good morning :)

Hope everyone had a great holiday break! Most of us have our new years resolutions. I say, good for you! Just STICK to it! Weather it's loosing some weight, running a marathon, or learning to ride a bike. lol


V.T. : Were in revival right now with Bro. Brown!

School: New semester coming up! Sign me up!

Work: It was a little slow but it really has picked up!

Family: We've enjoyed the time spent off from work and hanging together! :) March is coming up & Uncle duty awaits. lol ;)

Random: I went shopping at Downtown L.A. last week, I forgot how fun it can be! The people can be real interesting too! lol I was buying a bb gun for someone and asked a vendor for the price. She told me eight dollars..I said no thanks...(Knowing what was coming next) I walked away. She then yelled "It's yours for the right price". In my mind, I wanted to say. haha I win. lol

Random # 2 My brothers were selling candy for the music department. I took them to sell. I was kinda curious to see how much we would sell! Well we set up(Just stood there with a box of chocolates) lol and sold! Well we definitely exceeded expectations. Selling in just a 2 hours, over a hundred bars and over thirty sour worms! How did we do it you ask?! I give them the old puppy face, just to give you a pretty close image  of my gestures

     "Would you like to buy a chocolate bar?" & Just like that. LOL

Here it is 2012! Can you believe it? Start if off right and make it a year you never forget.

Live it for God.