Thursday, May 23, 2013

What is up!

Good Morning!

 Last week: I missed our international picnic this year. From what I'm hearing it was a blast. I regret not having a pupusa. (Salvadorian dish). Plus all the daughter works got together too. :( Bummer...Hey PCC is coming up, can't believe how quickly this year has gone by so far. Someone once told you me, "You fly through your twenties." So far, it sure seems that way! Slow down! lol 

Today: I text a friend of mine from the bay area this morning and she informed me her father passed away. Really tragic but she did let me know he recently got right with God. So the moment is bitter sweet. Eventually we all have to go through this, I lost my biological father when I was a little over 1. I don't have the memories, all I have are a handful of pictures. I don't get bitter at God, I know God has an always will make a way. As my pastor reminded us last night...We need to always thank God for what he's DONE. Never forget it, he deserves our worship. 

HEYYY: It's warming up again, I really need to put to use my Six Flags season passes...Whoever wants to go, hit me up. I know too many people that are scared of Roller Coasters and I've had enough! haha

Just a quick hello and I hope you all have a great day. I gotta run, going to the Habbit for lunch with a friend. SWEET POTATO FRIESSS!! :)


Monday, May 20, 2013

Congrats !

So happy to share with you all a quick announcement! Josh finally proposed to Jen! These are some of the best people you can find on planet Earth. Great humble people. I'm very happy for them and their families. The wedding will be here before you know it ! Call them and congratulate them. As we all look forward to this awesome duo exchanging vows! lol Josh you did it man, you saved your money! 

Have a great day!

-10K  lol


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The oldest of the bunch!

This is a quick Happy Birthday to my older sister. The strongest out of all of us, even tho shes the shortest. God has blessed me with such a wonderful sister. She is supportive and brutally honest with me at time. haha I couldn't have asked for a better older sibling. It's amazes me how quickly time has passed. Shes now a prayer warrior of a mother and Godly example. I know my niece will be blessed because of that. That alone brings me great joy. So happy birthday May, Love you!!!