Friday, October 26, 2012

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Good Morning!

 I never use to be quite as injury prone..I keep getting hurt! Football, Basketball...reading..etc. lol I'm simply getting old! haha either way, I find myself being more careful and less reckless. I've been recovering from a little foot injury and dress shoes have been my enemy as of late. I meet people from time to time, who seem to always get hurt..Are you one of those people? I feel your pain now! hahaha leave a comment and follow [If your part of handful of people who aren't already following] :) OHH and If your going to get hurt, get hurt after West Coast! because I want to see you there! lol Some of us bloggers have to get together for group pic! If you don't blog, well...You can be in the pic too! haha 

Have yourself a great weekend and God Bless. 



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

They're Back!

Good Morning!!!!!

It was starting to cool down last week! 

1) had all the warm clothes pulled out
2)Sold all my sandals and warm weather apparel
3)Smashed my sunglasses (Won't need them anymore)
4) Started hunting for a turkey

Then all of sudden...Here we are back to the 90's weather. :( 

Oh well..

Last week: My parents just got back from Hawaii! Left us for a week

A visual demonstration...Left us for some fun in the sun. lol

...I really don't know how to cook but I think I did a descent job of keeping the place clean! lol My mom informed us guys that my neighbor would be coming by this week to teach us how to cook a few things. LOL We plan on going as a family next year, this was strictly a 20th anniversary deal. lol I thank God for my parents, couldn't ask for better folks..They are also quite hilarious and there is never a dull moment. That combined with my brothers sense of humor, you always have to stay alert! It was fun running the show but half way through it I was ready to give it up lol..Way too much laundry to keep up with but all in all, we had a good time too. 

This week: Taste of Soul! ( Outdoor festival) Should be thousands of people there. I'm helping my neighbor with his BBQ business and it's gonna be great exposure for the company. I am also going to have my fair share of food! All kinds, I won't even mention the sweets..I love sweets. Cookies!! :)) double chin smile on my face right now. 

To help counter my eating habits...I bought some new basketball shoes!! So everybody watch out! Haha

One more thing! Bell Says Hello!! 

A bit blurry...She moved at the last second!

Have a great day :))




Monday, October 1, 2012

Day to day!

Good Morning!

  Hope everyone had a great weekend. It's been a rough week. Lost my grandfather and friend in the same week. One was expected and the other was not. My grandfather was a kind man with quite a sense of humor. He had grown ill and everyone prepared for the worst. I am glad I got to see him recently and that he is no longer in psychical pain. Then this weekend I received a call, letting me know a friend of mine had passed away. I will be honest, this week tore me up. We all have to go through the situations such as these from time to time. Continue to trust in God. Stay strong and positive. Grieving is good but you can't dwell on it for too long, it can completely consume you. You must turn your direction to those who remain. For example the younger brothers of my friend who passed. Continue to pray for them and reach out to them, those brothers are like my own siblings and they need the support now more than ever. What hurt the most was watching them go through it not knowing God. So I will do my best to reach the relatives. God is great and we must press forward. Praise him right in the middle of it all. :)


20121001 :))