Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm here..It's Friday! TEBOWING!!!

Hi there :)

Okay so this year, I plan on going to WCC all three days! This is not an attempt to make those who aren't going feel bad. A friend of mine, I won't name names...JOSE!. Said,  "it feels like Cinderella, and being left out of the ball". haha

World Series...

RANGERS...I've never been to Texas, but I know the Cardinals have won it too many times!! right? yes, I am right.

Planking will be long forgotten...

The reason for this is... "TEBOWING" has taken over. For a full understanding of it, go to

Cracked iPhone screen

I am officially victim number

231227677399289738972897897189711717187337405002598598392920990909993897587474762764727272727663. On the bright side, I did last a whole year without cracking it. :) That has to be some sort of record, right? yes, I am right.

Youth Service

Service was great! looking forward to the next one.  If you want to see more pics of our youth service, feel free to check out our youth blog.

Last night...

I went to the Wilson's house..All the ladies made pupusas! An amazing Salvadorian dish :) had a good time...

Food: The best way to get my attention. lol

Have a great weekend!



Thursday, October 20, 2011

RE: So you think your a Mexican?

Hi there! :) 

This is a post in direct response to the Wakefield's post, "So you think your a Mexican". Lol 

First off....Thanks for the disclaimer haha That was so epic! Pig eyes 0.o.

Cow tongues are my worst nightmare!!

But I recently read an article online that caught my attention...What I read, helped me connect the dots. If some how I could get this, I would send it to you Bethany!...




Meet Cyclops Shark! haha It was just recently caught of the Gulf of California..It's for REAL. That would make for another EPIC post!. hehe

Have a great day!



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Resilience Follower of the Month!!!!!!! ***

Good Morning :)))

   I couldn't wait to announce the Follower of the Month, it's been so long! This months follower of the month is so epic because it falls on the 1-Year anniversary of RESILIENCE! =D (Post soon to come). Who, oh who should it be?! Lets find out :)

Question #1) This persons height?

A: 5'3! I don't know why I'm so confident on this one.

Question #2) This person Fav. Sport?

A: I would go with Football...Greatest sport of all time. haha

Question # 3) What is this person probably doing right now?

A: Sitting in a classroom...not really awake. Lol

Question #4) The greatest color in this person opinion...

A: Purple! Royal Purple More specifically...

Question # 5)  Is this person a member of the epic bloggers of America?

A: Yes.

Question #6) What would be the best profession for this person?

A: Teacher! Fourth Grade teacher!

Question #7) The Sesame street character that best fits this person personality..

A: Big bird. haha :)

Question #8) What would this person be pulled over for?

A: Talking and driving. lol!

Question # 9) This persons sworn enemy!


Question #10) What would this person be arrested for?

A: Disturbing the peace!

The Resilience Follower of the month for the Month of October!! issssss......

LEXIE BACERRA!!!!!  And today is also her bday! HAPPY 19TH BDAY! HAHA :)

I made you something.... :)))

haha :) Happy Birthday!

Have a great day, if you know Lexie..Wish her a happy bday! 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rainy Morning!

Good Morning! :)

Hope your week is going great. I just washed my car and this morning the rain began to pour down :/ With California weather you just never know. Overall there has been a drop in the temperature. No matter what the temperature is (As crazy as it sounds) I DON'T drink HOT coffee. It HAS to be ICED! lol 

Rain or Shine :)

West Coast Conference  

  Less than a month away! Very excited about it! :) 

Work Update

  It has been a pretty interesting week. Two people have been out on vacation...Everyone has missed them, there is just certain things that they handle best. lol But they should both be back tomorrow. 

PJ White Pastoral Installation Service

  At the end of the month, there will be an installation service for PJ White! PJ White & Family Congrats! You  all are awesome and were praying for your family! PJ White has been such a positive influence in my life.

Youth Service Tonight!

  Lets have some good church :)

CD Mix Man

 Are tired of the same old songs?! Well post a comment and I can mail you a great mix of different Christian artists. Get your hands on an EPIC CD today! lol :) To kick things off I'll pick a follower and mail them 1 by surprise! If your name is not on the " The People" list, you don't have a chance lol Otherwise just post a comment and I'll get you one.


  I am a Chicago Bears Fan :) They are 2-2, maybe they can win the majority of their remaining games!

Christmas Recital

 Yes, I want to get an early start. lol I have yet to find a good song...Any ideas would be considered! I ask the question, "Which song should I do?" I've gotten this response countless times....."Santa Baby" LOL  no!...

Laughs & Fun!