Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Already!

Good Morning!

  The 2012 year is starting to close out. With a few months left, we can look forward to:

1) The end of the heat
2) Fall weather!
3) Snow Trips!
4) West Coast Conference (Already?!)
5) Christmas Bonus lol!

Holiday Weekend Recap: Short work week in observance of Labor Day. Yesterday I spent the day at Zuma. Had a little football game (Re-Injured my thumb :/ ) So a friend of mine brought a small grill. He was then under the impression, it's use was prohibited. So, he made a little fortress to hide it. He used boogie boards for walls. lol! Wish I had a pic. There was a very large group next to us who got kicked out for having alcohol. They hid it in Coffee cups with lids...That's going out of your way. haha! Back to the boogie boards, we lost a couple of them. If you want to know exactly how we lost them, well....text me. hahaha

Youth Alive is a just a couple days away! This year were heading to Six Flags! (right in my back yard) haha Bro. Jones will be preaching!

Sea World: A small group of people I know, went to Sea World yesterday. From what I hear, I missed out. I doubt it. lol I don't really like Sea World. haha

Resilience Follower of the month...Tomorrow! Winner get's a mixed CD! :)

Have a good one!




  1. What do we have to do to be a winner?!?!

  2. @ Megg, YESS!!!

    @ Mary, Just be a follower with a pic. AKA the Members on the Left. :)

  3. Hi! I will be attending Youth Alive so I should see ya there!


  4. I thought I already WAS a follower!!!