Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jesse!!! :(

Hi everyone! :)

Rise & shine & Give God the glory.

Alright down to business....

With October almost in the books, I want to start off by saying that you never know a good thing till its gone! ( the normally beautiful California weather). I do enjoy cold weather as much as warm but like you all know (see first blog post Eva) Lol that I start work at 6am. The mornings now are brutally cold! =::( So say a prayer for me.

Okay so your probably wondering who Jesse is, right? Google him. Jk Okay, how do I put this nicely... Jesse is the man who runs the little mini restaurant, on the bottom floor of the building. Now when I first started I learned of the restaurant downstairs and thought it was pretty cool. Mainly because its convenient. Now Jesse is a small rather hefty man. Maybe in his 50's. He has small eyes that pierce right through you, giving you the impression that hes attempting to read your mind. When I talk to him, he loves to cut me off. Now you know the saying, respect your elders and of course, Jesse is older than me (barely) He has a special hidden charge for everything too. So the other day I took a ride down the elevator, to the bottom floor to "pay" his place a visit. I bought breakfast and something for my boss and Latoya. Jesse has a few boxes with creamer set up by the coffee. I grabbed three little creamers and as I was about to pay, Jesse paused and looked at me (with his piercing eyes) ...then at my creamer...then back at me....then back to my creamer... until he broke the silence by saying, "Do you need three of them? I'm running kinda of low, and I need some for my customers." Just so you know we give him a lot of business and always pay him. Also, he always charges me for additional creamer too. We are customers! lol Jesse and I are currently trying to salvage our friendship so pray for us. haha However, if you ever visit me at work and we go out to lunch, it probably wont be anywhere near the bottom floor of the building. :)

One last thing...Burbank is starting revival! beginning this week. :) I need to do my part and invite someone to the house of the Lord. Who knows maybe it will be Jesse. Looking forward to having Bro. Hyler III. Its going to be real special.

More to come, but for now...Have a good day!



Monday, October 4, 2010

First Blog Post Eva!

Okay so I've been thinking about starting a blog...

Mainly because I have so much to say (Gotta let it out) :)

Okay so here it GOES!


Alright so I work for a stock broking firm. I have so many bosses cant count them all. LOL (3) At work I do a lot of whats called "Paper Chasing" Hunting documents down like a linebacker on a fumbled ball. Its fast paced and sometimes real stressful. :) I'm also the assistant to the operations manager as well. Her names Latoya. Let me tell you this lady is really good at what she does. The self proclaimed queen of multitask. Lol (Girls are generally gifted with this talent)

Lol Today she called in sick :/ NOT GOOD. Shes been telling me shes been having pain in her right eye. Who knows, she could be hanging out in Malibu for all we know ;) JK! So this of course meant a lot more work for me! oh well, cant complain. Love my job. Our work hours are set in stone 6am-2:30pm. So its kinda of weird because we should technically be having lunch between the hours of oh 9am-10am!! Around the time when most of the world is waking up! (mainly the late birds) Not to mention most places are still serving breakfast. Now we can take lunch when ever we want but if you start at 6. who can last until 12?! My solution?...ready? Eat lunch TWICE! haha jk. It just is what it is :)
Also, I work directly with the president and CFO. These two are like exact opposites! which makes them such a good team. The president is a lot more aggressive and short tempered. The CFO is calm, mellow and computer savvy! Anytime we have technical issues hes the go to guy. Then there is another broker. seriously gang hes the epitome of O.C.D Everything has to be just right, clean, positioned right. Not to mention smell right! Lol he complains about a fellow coworker, who sometimes heats up some traditional meals of hers in the kitchen microwave. A lot of people often say that our work environment and unique combination of employees would make a good reality T.V. show. Lol Moving on, Monday was the hottest day on record! I heard 113 wouldn't be surprised if it was even higher :O thank God we survived. Which reminds me, church tonight! I attend Victory Tabernacle (Burbank, CA) Hol-A! Love my Pastor ( Elder White) and my church. Preaches TRUTH, not to mention we have an awesome group of young people.
More to come ladies and Gents, but for now...


Btw feel free to drop a comment. :)