Friday, December 14, 2012


Praying for the Victims of the Colorado School Shooting today. It's truly hard to fathom, heartbreaking. I pray that community stays strong and receives comfort.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012



I need to find someone to marry real quick. haha 


Friday, November 30, 2012

It's raining outside!

Good start to a early morning Friday!!!

Have a great weekend!

If anyone is interested in having me mail them a mix CD. Let me know, I finally got around to buying some more blank CD's. :) Got the computer fired up so just say the words! lol


Monday, November 19, 2012


Good Morning! Here are a few pics from my trip to Petaluma/Rohnert Park/Santa Rosa this past weekend. First let me congratulate Gonzalo and Michelle! Had a great time at their wedding and the reception that followed. It was great hanging out with the youth of Petaluma as well. My family and I also enjoyed the Sunday Morning service at Rohnert park, we actually got to hear(one of our own) Bro. Flores preach! He preached on backing the man of God. I had so much fun, the people are very friendly and the saints made us feel right at home! :)  As Bro. P.J. best put it. "That same Holy Ghost you feel at 1614 West Victory, is the same Holy Ghost you feel at 5965  Labeth, Rohnert Park.

Gary insisted that there was something wrong with the pump. Turns out it was empty. Thank you store clerk. haha

We lost Noah, Soph & Bre

Rain was coming down! 

 Funny story: We watched as a couple guys were checking out our ride. We hit the panic button and they took off on foot. haha we all laughed from a distance.

Wedding time!

Uncle Matt

Bell's loves bags!

Flower Girl  

Here comes the BRIDE!



Prayer shawl


Just before the kiss

Petaluma is beautiful 

Tom with the gift


Great teaching sunday morning @ R.Park

The teacher


Bro. Flores

Bay Bridge

Stop by for the quick family visit

Downtown Petaluma

The New Yorker

Deserts at the reception

Santa Rosa Mall

Air Hockey four players!!!!

Candice has a talent not many know of. 

This random guy dominated the drums. lol 

In need of driving lessons!

I'm telling you...It's nice out there


This ones for the ladies!

Made some new friends and great memories.

Have a blessed day!