Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Reflection: Pacific Coast Camp 2011/ Pics :)

Im back :)

  I was asked to do a short reflection on my camp experience this year, so here it goes :)
This past week I was privileged to attend my fourth year at Pacific Coast Youth and Family Camp. Every year it just gets better. This year Elder Lambeth and Frazier preached. I thank God for these elders, who obeyed the holy ghost and preached the word of God. In today's world these messages aren't popular, however, it's what young people need to hear, I'll never forget the messages preached and Elder Lambeth's visual demonstrations. I must say the preaching gave me the spiritual boost I needed. More importantly, it reinforced the importance of staying consistent and living for God. Preaching that also reminded us of the importance of having good friends and consequently, the curse the bad ones can bring to your life.What a blessing is was to enjoy the great fellowship, and meet new young people as well. I know each of the young people from our church who attended were blessed as well. It's important that we keep our eyes on heaven and work together as a youth group, camps like these bring us closer together and encourage us.

Romans 8:37, "Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us."

We CAN make it heaven

God Bless,


Tis all :)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Joeseph Oscal!

Hi everyone!

I'm going to be heading out to Ventura in a bit here...Why you might ask? Pacific Coast Camp! I'm excited to see all my good friends, and make new ones. The services are sure to be awesome. I'm ready for the summer! I'll post pics when I get back. I also want to wish my good friend Joeseph Oscal a happy birthday! I'm blessed to call him my friend. He's the big 20 today and hope it's a good one!


Have a great day, take care.



Thursday, June 16, 2011


Good Morning,

It's almost Friday, don't let go. lol :) Here in L.A., we've been definitely experiencing the June Gloom as of late. Right now the drizzle just won't let up. Yesterday I had told myself I would try and go to the gym before church. I figured I would  come home from work and then get ready. Simple right? well, I came home and got too comfortable and fell asleep. Lol woke up around 6:10. I had 20 minutes to get out the door! I don't know what it is about naps..There suppose to make you feel better but I always wake up feeling grumpy. haha

VERY grumpy. Lol

But it was a good thing I took a nap, because after service one of our youth teams served Nachos Fresco's!
Marvin met up with us (after service) Lol And all of us went out, we were craving bobba! So we hit up Downtown Burbank, had a little bobba battle and some how I didn't end up with any on me. Lol I had a good time hanging with the fellow bloggers...

Funny qoutes from last night

Rachel, "Look there wearing dresses!" Lol

Bethany, "I just want to make a shout out to my family"

Marvin, "I would hit Vern's car, IF I was driving my other car." hahaha

My response to Marvin ^^, "What about Vern?" Lol! =,)
Nicole, umm didn't say anything funny. Lol jk

Britt, "Oh don't worry it wasn't anything bad!" haha I'm gonna ask leea for a copy.

Vern, "She eats like a man" and "What a waste of an Avocado!"

Have a good day! Have a Bobba Tea :)



Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why camp mean so much to me...

Good Morning :)

  It's been so far one of those long work weeks, the kind you feel, will never end. It's funny how if you ask a friend and they will say something like..."Oh really?", "It went by fast for me" Lol In just a couple of weeks Pacific Coast Family Camp will be taking place in Ventura, CA. I love camps, but I haven't always felt that way about it...

  When I first started attending church I was 12 years old..I was pretty quite and made it difficult for people to make friends with me. Lol I grew interested in spiritual things and began to seek a relationship with God. I was baptized and received the Holy Ghost. :) We'll during the first few years of church I would hear of "Church Camp". I didn't really like the idea of being shipped off to some far away place, not knowing anybody. That was a risk to great, I would rather stay in my comfort zone, maybe lock myself in my room playing video games. Lol But I met my long time good friend, who attended Victory Tabernacle too. He some how convinced me to go.

  I was a nervous wreck from the second we hit the road. Donkey Rock Youth Camp, in Fresno, was the destination. When we arrived I was happy to see so many different apostolic kids that I had never met before. Which made me realize there were probably hundreds of thousands more across the country, I wanted to meet everyone of them. Lol  My friend was already quite the well known guy, he had been going to the camp for a few years before. He was a veteran. Lol He would introduce me to everyone, even the girls. haha There are so many stories I can tell of the fun we had, raiding cabins and pranking each other. There are so many things you can do with shaving cream Lol One of these nights we were all messing around and somehow things turned into a slight confrontation, I just remember my friend stood up for me and man it felt good. Some people just have that in them, that loyalty. Camp wasn't as bad as I had made it out be, I really enjoyed it. Then came along Pacific Coast Camp, and some other new ones. All great camps. Donkey Rock is where it all began for me, although I'm too old now to be a camper, I plan on sometime soon going back as dishwasher. lol

  I remember the log cabins, the bunk beds, always calling the top bunk. The amazing church services, all us youth seeking the face of God. Lets not forget about the dusty grounds.The food was good, but terrible ice tea. haha The long time friends I've made, watching as we all grew up. Some of us married now, I'm glad I took that chance. If you've never been to a camp, please do, It will only make you a stronger person. :) The friend I mentioned no longer goes to church, but I pray for him. We still talk and have lunch every now and then. God has really blessed me with people who came along and helped me. I'm not saying I have "arrived" but God has really brought me a long way. I try to help people always feel welcome and be a good friend to them. Like I've said before, you gotta give back. Luke 12:48, "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required".

Hope to see you all at Pacific Coast Camp (weather I go for the whole week or not) :)

have a good day!



Friday, June 3, 2011

Over or Under??

Happy Friday to everyone :)

Here's a list of places, items, etc. That might be considered overrated or even underrated.

1) Aldo

UNDERRATED- It's a mini clothing store that packs a lot of punch. Well priced and there stuff looks great. locations are popping up everywhere. Where else can you get this great watch for $30?

2) Organic food

OVERRATED- If you see this label on something, it can only mean one thing...Your gonna pay more. Up to two or even three times the price of the "non-organic" counterpart. Organic doesn't necessarily mean it's better for you.  Grocery Chains shure love the word, they think it rythmes with profit. Lol


UNDERRATED-How can you not love them?? Even if there not "Purebred"(Overrated).

4) China's Economy

OVERRATED-Housing problems are looming in the not to distant future.

5) Christmas

OVERRATED-NOT referring to the the birth of Jesus, but the commercialized holiday aspect of it. Gotta get this, gotta get that. Swipe away. lol

6) Sports stars that  "Tweet" about their personal frustrations.


7) Disneyland

OVERRATED-Happiest place on Earth?

 Anaheim heat + Long lines= Frowns.

8) The Chicago Bears

UNDERRATED. Came up 2 games short of winning it all.

9) The Lost City of Atlantis

UNDERRATED-No ones talks about it. Lol

10) Sushi:

UNDERRATED-It's good stuff!

11) Texting

OVERRATED-Nuff' said. :)

12) Asking someone to the bonfire at Donkey Rock

OVERRATED- LOL! Threw this one in for fun. :)

13) Ross

UNDERRATED: Your really do dress for less.

14) Blogs

UNDERRATED-Social Networking sites cast a shadow over them.

15) Talent

Desire is more valuable, Can't rely on talent alone, ask Jamarucs Russel.

There are many things I didn't mention, but feel free to post a comment. Have a great weekend!