Friday, May 27, 2011

Resilient Follower of the month!

Good Morning!!! It's 6am where I'm at, but it's okay because it's finally Friday! :) This has felt like such a long week. Oh and Monday is a Holiday!

  When waking up this morning I discovered that I had a strange bruise on my forehead?? Its looked like a birth mark. My brain only works at 50 % capacity around  6am, so it took me a while to remember how I got it. Then finally it hit me! My brother! We were playing basketball yesterday and some how it turned into a grapplying match in our front yard. We would credit ourselves with points with each take down, my brother is really big for his age (but not as good looking as me) so he has no problem taking people down. Well anyways, on one of his take downs, I rmbered having my face slammed onto the hard ground! Shook me up a bit but we continued. So I got to see the results this morning! :/ But the real question is who is the Resilient Follower of the month?! so bring on the questions!...

Date of birth?

  -I know this! but I just forgot..I'll name the month for half points. Lol February!

If this person were to be arrested, what would it be for?

  -Hmm, excessive speeding or aiding and abetting! Lol Probably both. :)

Perfect car for this person?


Pepsi or coke?


Dogs or Cats?

  -Who likes cats? Lol

Cake or Pie?

  -Pie! like homemade!


  -She's almost as tall as me...I would say um 5'3 :)

What is this person probably doing right now?

 -Right now? Hitting the snooze button, lol jk Probably helping someone accomplish something.

Fav. color?




Fav. Animal?


One thing she won't leave the house without

  -Her phone

Something this person dislikes

  -L.A. Traffic (thumbs down)

Something you appreciate about this person

  -Her zeal for God! Her blog, even the hair one. Lol She's friendly. Also, her carrying/supportive attitude.

SOO..this month's follower of the month is none other than!

                  SYSTEM ERROR!       SYSTEM ERROR!

                 (JK! :) That would be a Yahoo pulse thing)


Congrats Meagen! Post a comment to claim your prize.



[20181326] :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

**Paintballing** :)

Hello :) 

   This past Saturday our youth went Paintballing. We meet up with some of the Whittier youth. The word I'm searching for, to best describe it, would be..EPIC! :) it's been too long since I've last shot someone with a paintball flying at vicious speeds. Lol I hope we get together again soon! We were all pretty bruised up. Nothing says a good time with friends like welts! haha

Whittier Youth

Our Instructor, THE BEST


Marvin, Never misses an oppurtunity to adverstise. Lol

Gary Molina


Okay so I rarely whear hats, but this was a bears hat!

The Last Stand

Done for the day

If you've never tried it, please do!

Have a good one :)



Schools out!

Hi there :)

Okay so the month of May is wrapping up, were almost half way through 2011. Just in the past 4 months so many events have occured. From tsunamis to Bin Laden's capture. It's pretty crazy. lol Pacific Coast Camp is around the corner *BREAKING NEWS* Looks like I won't be able to make it. :( :( I'm still working on getting to go, say a prayer for me! Lol :)


  -There causing all kinds of damage in the mid west. Pray for the families who have been affected by them. I listened to sound clip of a family that hid, in gas station's walk in freezer, while a tornado tore that gas station to bits. I heard as one person just kept saying Jesus, they all survived. :)


Schools out for the summer...

  -I'm so happy for my brothers! Lol They have endured another school year. They should recieve the resilient followers of the month award. haha But really tho, I'm glad they took care of business. Now they can have a little fun ;) To all you that will be enjoying a break, I say congrats!


Follower of the Month...

  -I've been behind schedule when choosing the follower of the month. Picked up a bad habbit of announcing them at the end of the month, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Oh well, It's the thought that counts. Lol :) I do have my next follower of the month, which you will all find out tomorrow. *Sneak Peak* she's from California.

Kyle Busch..

  -He's a NASCAR driver, which up until yesterday, I had no idea who he was. He was pulled over in NC. For what? you guessed it...Speeding. But this wasn't your normal 10-15 miles over the speed limi..He was going 83mph over the speed limit! 128mph in a 45mph. 0.o?? FAIL!


Yahoo Pulse..

  -When it's not busy flashing error messages, it actually is quite usefull. Lol

The Mavericks..

 - They will probably win it all.

Jenny Craig...

  -Okay I'm not using this plan but it's practically synomous with the word diet. I started to cut back a bit and have already dropped over 10 pounds. Cutting out the sweets was like disowning your own child. You know the saying goes, "You can get something for nothing"


  -Last Saturday our youth spent the morning blasting each other with paintballs(traveling at great speeds) Lol It was totally worth the bruises and if you've never done it, you owe it to yourself. Right Marvin? Gary? Lol I forgot my camera at home and so I took most of my pics via Iphone. Lol

Little M.J.

  -The baby of the family, his birthday is this Saturday! I can't wait to celebrate it. What do I get him? I'm looking at buying him an Ipod. Since he CLAIMS I allegedly lost his Ipod. 

                                             Missing-ipod   -Allegedly- :)

Okay tis' all for now. Have a good day :)




Tuesday, May 17, 2011

**Missions Week**

Good Morning :)

This past week was our annual missions week! We kicked things off with our Wednesday evening service..Instead of having a guest speaker, we had our 3 branch work pastors preach. Each of them for 20 minutes. Each pastor testified, and shared with us some of the difficulties they encountered when starting a church. It was very encouraging. The following Saturday was our annual missions picnic. There were a variety of different types of food! I had myself a little cheat date, but it was totally worth it. lol There were many visitors that joined us :)

Vivian and our awesome van riders! Not one bit camera shy. lol

The little play area, they didn't make them this cool when I was young

Erin, The one, Ash D.

Tyler D. At Bat!

Injured 3rd baseman. Umm totally my fault. Lol

Bro. Eric Wilson Getting his "Grill on"

Bethany :)

Bro. Mike Emery, The man, the myth , the legend. "Champion of Mexican Horseshoes"

Pinatas..Nuff said.


Jason and the sets of twins..

Sunday evening service! Concluded our missions week. Bro. Wheeler preached and showed a small sideshow presentation with pics of missions work. (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Philipines There was such a great move of the Holy Ghost at the alter that night. Thank God for those who sacrifice and labor in foreign lands.

Have a great day :)



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's starting to warm up!

Hello :)

  Hope everyone had a great Mothers day :), I know I did. I'm blessed with a wonderfull mom. Some of you might even know her. A few things, she is a very hard worker and has always inspired me to give it my all. Never quit (Hence, Resilience) Lol :) She is a hero of mine. It's amazing how much parents apprectiate the little things we could do to help. So when I can, I do. Throw in a load of laundry, mop, dishes. etc. It's good to give back. 


 Weather madness!

  As usual this Southern California weather has been far from predictable. We've had really hot days followed by temperature drop and rain fall! 0.o ??

  The Month is May...

  Seems to me like 75% of the human population was born in this month. I don't blame them, it's a great month, weathers usually warm and the bright :)

   What to plan for...

   Upcoming events like Pacific Coast Youth and Family Camp. Which I've always attended, is a 5 day camp, located at the Ventura Fair Grounds. Awesome powerful services, great annointed choir, and good fellowship. In addition to this I plan on taking a trip to El Salvador, which for me will be real special because I haven't been there since 1997! I look forward to seeing my relatives, and sight seeing. Oh and let's not forget the humdity, how I love it ;) I plan on taking a trip this year to one of three citites (narrowed it down). NY City( Last visit, 2000),  Chicago(Never been), Orlando (Last visit, Summer of 09'). Haven't made up my mind.  What do you think?

   Osama and Obama...

   I'm glad they found Osama, found it very interesting that he was in Pakistan. President Obama announced that he will run for second term and I'ts been reported that his apporval rate has increased.


 Swept? Sad but true.

    NFL draft...

    Cam newton went first overall, no suprise there. Reggie Bush might be leaving the Saints, interesting to find out where he lands...


    The clothing store, hats off to them! Seems like everytime I go in there I find something really nice for a rediculously low price :)   

Many more random thoughts and topics but I'll leave it there for now...Post a comment if you feel the same way about Ross. Lol

Have a good day :)