Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Follower of the Month!!!

Good Morning :))

We have a Follower of the Month! This individual is so epic they are following the blog twice! lol

Who is it? Well before I tell you, I want to share my life story with you...All the way from the beginning .

                                              My life in under 10,000 words.

The year was 1990....

haha jk I will spare you dramatic build up.

LOCATION: California

Date of Birth:  Um 1989?  1990? 1989.

This individuals Fav. Color:  BLUE!

Dog's or Cat's:  I would say Dogs. Why cat's? Cat's maul their

Height: 5'3?! 5'4!

Shoes or Sandals: Definitely sandals.

Quote from this individual: "Every day is chance to do something for Him (God)"

Suggestion: Do not allow this person to hold your electronic

Perfect car for this person: Range Rover!! but then again...that's every one's perfect car. haha Especially mine.

What is this person probably doing right now? Reading a good book...I could see that. Maybe driving...SHE does have blog! She...Half the room has left. lol Probably hanging out with friends...Making people feel important.

Fav. Color? Blue!

What do I appreciate about this Person: 1 fifth of the the Petaluma crew. A kind, intelligent person...The bay area has some of the best weather and she is soaking it all in!

For the Month of September! The Resilient Follower is....

The year was 1990....It was a slightly breezy, Thursday afternoon. It was the first day of my life. lol

CANDICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for following twice and all your great posts..I have Mix CD with your name on it, just claim it.  Her blog link

Have a good day everyone! If you really want a post on my whole life, I will consider it.


20120905 :)


  1. Ok i'm a follower now!!! So where is the link for her blog so we can go check it out?!

  2. @ Mary,
    Lol Thank you. I just updated the post and included it. :)