Thursday, March 29, 2012


Okay everyone...

  Many of you know Crystal M. She had a little injury, so I hope she gets well SOON! If you know her personally, make sure you send her well wishes! Also, it's her B-day tomorrow, even more reason for a quick recovery!  Happy early B-day!

Have a great day ya'll!



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sleepy Eyed!

Good Morning :)

  I went to bed way past my bed time last time. Most of you who know me personally, can agree I am a GRANDPA!! l.ol I'm usually in bed around 9pm Monday-Fridays. Some who are very aware of this, like to text  and call "after-hours". They get a kick out of it. lol :) Well this morning, I'm feeling the affects of major lack of sleep. I called my co-worker this morning and asked him to get a couple ice coffee's. Well I asked for sugar free and he forgot. lol Oh well, he walked in this morning with only one coffee. "Bro, you won't believe it", he said. Immediately I feared for the worst, he dropped it. lol His story confirmed it. He had slipped on the last step of the stairs. This happened somewhere between the parking garage and first floor. Thankfully it was not my ice coffee that had fallen! lol :)

And yes I did give him some of my ice coffee. Lol!


Yesterday marked her one week bday! She is so cute, she's always hungry. lol Her fav. thing to do is sleep! lol The first pic above, shows the first time I held her. She was 8 pounds :) I love my niece! Is it to early to buy my Disneyland tickets? Or even get one of these....??? haha

Have a great day! :) 




Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome Arabella! :)

Good Morning!!! Great Morning! lol :)

  Yesterday, around 2:30pm, my sister finally had the baby! Congrats to her and her husband. Thank God for a healthy delivery. I drove right after work to pick up my bros (Proud Uncles). We went straight to the hospital from there! In the baby delivery building of the hospital, they had a conveniently placed, baby store! So I made my first purchases for my niece ever! lol She can have whatever she wants! lol! It was so awesome seeing her for the first time! She is so precious. 8 pounds :) She hadn't opened her eyes yet, during my visit yesterday. So hopefully today :) There are many more pics to come, I will post 2 for now. One of them is my first time holding her.

                                                                 Arabella !

Have a good day! :)