Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pumkin Pie

I want to express my love for Pumpkin Pie...

It is the greatest....Warm and toasty, cold weather and you get to get wear sweaters. Fall, bring it on! haha I was motivated to compliment Anali's post. But as always I out do it. haha jk

Has anyone ever tried fresh Cantaloupe Juice? It's the best. Not any store bought stuff, I'm talking about cut and blended. You should try it!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dacia, I just got it. hahaha!

Good Morning!!

  I enjoy reading other bloggers post, but when you include pictures....I don't know, it's like I pay more attention to the pics. Maybe like a kid, who enjoys picture books. haha So sometimes the context gets lost. For example...Yesterday, I was reading Dacia Loa's blog...I was reading some comments on one of her older posts. I had commented on that post originally and hadn't seen the other responses. The link to the exact post You can see it for yourself. lol It was titled "Bye-Bye". I got side tracked by all the party pictures, for some reason I thought it was Jacob's birthday! (Her Bro). There were lot's of pics of cakes, I know they do birthday parties BIG in Mexico and thought I seen a yahoo notification sometime that week that it had been Jacob's bday. So I assumed it was a birthday party for Jacob. Turns out, I was waaaaay OFF! It was actually a going away party! haha So the comments are as follows...

Elias said...
That cake that fell apart made me laugh. Happy bday to Jacob!

David Stokely said...
I only discovered your blog a few days ago, and I so enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for sharing your life in Mexico.
Dacia Loa said...
@ ELi ... Yeah, I do not know how that happened to the cake! But I think it may have been my fault ... SHHH!!!
Dacia Loa said...
@ David Stokely
Thanks for reading my blog!! :)
The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...
Ummm.......Elias?? Did you read the post???? Or just look at the pics? hahahahahha!

Dacia Loa said...
@ Bethany ... Yeah, I just totally wasn't going to mention that! But now that you brought it up ...
Anonymous said...

haha Oh well, happens to the best of us!

Have a good day!



Thursday, September 13, 2012

Almost Friday!

Good Morning! 

 What I've been up to:  As of late, I've been reading up a lot on Pearl Harbor. I have the utmost respect for our U.S.Soldiers. Their tremendous sacrifice. The Sept. 11 anniversary just passing us, it's good to stop and reflect on the tremendous history of this great nation. Let us never forget that. 

Church Yesterday:  So yesterday we had an awesome youth service. It was such a blessing. A couple people did point out to me...something I was fully aware of. My shirt, the shirt I CHOSE to wear mind you...was indeed, with out a shadow of a doubt. Yellow :/ lol Although I have expressed my dislike for that color,  it wasn't as difficult for me to wear as I expected. I actually thought it was a really nice shirt. lol It was a gift and comfortable. Friends of mine, have approached me at times, just to show off their yellow outfits. haha Nicole Wakefield will gladly share with you her dislike for silver suits. haha We all have our humorous/silly/intense pet peeves. 

This Weekend: I plan on doing a little part time work with my neighbor . Helping him with his thriving new food business. 

Any plans upcoming??: Possibly a little road trip, to see my fav. Midget crew...( They know who they are) hahaha!

Could I possibly get any more random? No. lol



Monday, September 10, 2012

Youth Alive, Youth Alive, Youth Alive

Good Morning!!!!

Today I'm feeling the Monday Morning Affect more than usual...Why you might ask? Two words...Youth Alive!! :) Not to mention an awesome set of Sunday services with Bro.Jones!

Thursday Night Bro. Jones preached a powerful message, although it was short, I'm sure it changed many lives. The same can be said about Friday night. It's more than just "Pumping" young people up. Ultimately the choice is ours..Living for God. Every day, you can't do it with out a desire to do so. No level of "Pump" can get you there. You have to live it for yourself :) To be real with yourself, when no one else is around. Don't go another day, sitting on the fence. Neutral is only in your mind because the bible says you can't serve two masters. Living for God is not this struggle-less journey. The best things are worth fighting for! Better is one day in his courts, than thousands else where. That is powerful because even the hardest day you might go through, would be better than one day alone. Alone, with out God. That brings great comfort. :)

Six Flags: What a blast. Although it was super hot, we all managed. I actually took a video of the entire drop on the doom ride. I thought I was going to lose my camera. I also had my refillable cup stolen after a ride. With what those cups cost, they should come with tracking devices. haha I let everyone down after that. haha Long story short. $30 in soda :( lol I hope everyone had a blast. I didn't take very many pics but here are a few!

Bell's Dedication

Bell and her gradfather 
Youth Alive-Thursday Night! 

Pew Shot


This one came out really blurry because I moved. Emily and Bell

Elena and Bell!

Yuriah on the Right

Jen and Josh ( two of my fav. people)



Not the cleanest pic. 

Bro. Jones Preaching. My flash was off

I have the bad habbit of making people laugh just before the pic. lol 


Bell Gardens!

Starting the day off right...Iced Coffee with White Mocha!!

Super Hot day!!!!! At least 90 ! 


After our first ride!!

Group Pic

The happily married. lol 

This is the view from the top of the Doom ride! 

@ Bj's after service (Sunday Night, Happy bday Jacob)

Have a good day everyone :)



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Follower of the Month!!!

Good Morning :))

We have a Follower of the Month! This individual is so epic they are following the blog twice! lol

Who is it? Well before I tell you, I want to share my life story with you...All the way from the beginning .

                                              My life in under 10,000 words.

The year was 1990....

haha jk I will spare you dramatic build up.

LOCATION: California

Date of Birth:  Um 1989?  1990? 1989.

This individuals Fav. Color:  BLUE!

Dog's or Cat's:  I would say Dogs. Why cat's? Cat's maul their

Height: 5'3?! 5'4!

Shoes or Sandals: Definitely sandals.

Quote from this individual: "Every day is chance to do something for Him (God)"

Suggestion: Do not allow this person to hold your electronic

Perfect car for this person: Range Rover!! but then again...that's every one's perfect car. haha Especially mine.

What is this person probably doing right now? Reading a good book...I could see that. Maybe driving...SHE does have blog! She...Half the room has left. lol Probably hanging out with friends...Making people feel important.

Fav. Color? Blue!

What do I appreciate about this Person: 1 fifth of the the Petaluma crew. A kind, intelligent person...The bay area has some of the best weather and she is soaking it all in!

For the Month of September! The Resilient Follower is....

The year was 1990....It was a slightly breezy, Thursday afternoon. It was the first day of my life. lol

CANDICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for following twice and all your great posts..I have Mix CD with your name on it, just claim it.  Her blog link

Have a good day everyone! If you really want a post on my whole life, I will consider it.


20120905 :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Already!

Good Morning!

  The 2012 year is starting to close out. With a few months left, we can look forward to:

1) The end of the heat
2) Fall weather!
3) Snow Trips!
4) West Coast Conference (Already?!)
5) Christmas Bonus lol!

Holiday Weekend Recap: Short work week in observance of Labor Day. Yesterday I spent the day at Zuma. Had a little football game (Re-Injured my thumb :/ ) So a friend of mine brought a small grill. He was then under the impression, it's use was prohibited. So, he made a little fortress to hide it. He used boogie boards for walls. lol! Wish I had a pic. There was a very large group next to us who got kicked out for having alcohol. They hid it in Coffee cups with lids...That's going out of your way. haha! Back to the boogie boards, we lost a couple of them. If you want to know exactly how we lost them, well....text me. hahaha

Youth Alive is a just a couple days away! This year were heading to Six Flags! (right in my back yard) haha Bro. Jones will be preaching!

Sea World: A small group of people I know, went to Sea World yesterday. From what I hear, I missed out. I doubt it. lol I don't really like Sea World. haha

Resilience Follower of the month...Tomorrow! Winner get's a mixed CD! :)

Have a good one!