Tuesday, October 21, 2014

September Ended

Good Morning! 

  Hope all is well This is what it looks like outside this morning!

Its been getting pretty cold in the mornings, I blast the heater. Just in case I haven't said it before, I don't drink hot coffee. I only like Ice Coffee, so all year long I drink Ice Coffee in the morning. So it doesn't matter how cold it gets :)

I had a rather busy weekend and I managed to get a few pics! 


Corn Mazes.....First proposed a week prior, as a youth and prayer night. I wan't for it initially but it was voted and well majority rules. lol  My vote was for Go-Karts(Only 10 minutes from my house) Lol A good size group of us went and we had a great time, running through mazes with Marvin and Drew was hilarious. I came so close to falling a couple times and are girls barely made it out alive. lol 

Panorama Group on top!


We got home from the Maze around 1am and we had to be up at 4:30 that same day. A bunch of our guys were going to Men's day in Fresno. Sorry no pics of the actual service, it's kinda top secret. lol ;) The preaching was really awesome and it was good seeing some familiar faces. I actually wish we could have spent the entire day up there but oh well. On the way up there, we all got to chat with Pastor the entire time and that was pretty neat. All in all, a great time. 


Jasmine got baptized! 

Last but not least, family came down to visit from the bay area. Blessed to say, we had some of their home cooking! We actually meet them at the Observatory and the place was packed. We had Johnathan and Fatima with us, a couple new youngsters at our church. It was their first time there. So back to my family, the siblings started scheming and now we might be looking at Thanksgiving in Frisco. Not a bad idea ;)  

I felt a burden for my cousin and her husband and kids. Do you ever look at a family and think, "I could picture them in church living for God". Well that's exactly how I felt. Take it to the Lord in prayer!

To wrap it up, I hope you guys have a great day. Hope to see many of you at West Coast or even Spanish Conference!

Have a Blessed Day,


Monday, October 6, 2014

First Step

Good Morning,

   Hope everyone had a great weekend and had good church !

I got a lot of studying done over the weekend and didn't really go out much! except to purchase this:

Just so know....I am a complete rookie at the piano! lol but like the saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step." I gotta jam out to my Bro. Pixler albums. hahaha! So if you have advise, throw it my way!!

Next Topic.......CHAPERONS.

A wave of offers have hit me recently, so I had to share this. A friend of mine and I came up with the idea that we should develop an app for Apostolic Chaperons. lol "AppChap" (C). lol This app should include the following but not limited to:

1)   Review and Ratings! (How good are you at your job and what do others have to say about you)
2)  Chaperon BMI. (Controversial indeed but we need to know     what were getting into ;) lol  If you don't know what that is....well we basically want to know how fluffy you are.
3)  Profile Pic (Full Profile Pic preferably....see number 2.) 
4)  Are you considerate of menu prices? Lol 
5)  Experience. The more of it, the more valuable you are. lol
6)  Prayed up, a must. lol 

Plenty more items we can include in the app but if you can't provide just the first 6, you probably don't qualify. lol 

Have a great day :)


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Good Afternoon, 

  I didn't go to the the fair after all but a slight switch in plans and a good dinner made it all better :) 

  So......I came across this photo, had to post it.  

Most of my closer friends and especially relatives will agree, this applies to me. lol ;)