Monday, August 29, 2011

Turning Points

Hello :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

 I have to admit...the Wakefield's really had me laughing at all they came up with. I'm considering keeping the Barney song permanently. LOL If you want the Barney song brought back, cast a vote (See poll). 15 Votes and It's coming back! There fashion post was directly aimed at me. haha jk Oh! & During service yesterday, I saw my good friend Cesar, sporting the silver suit! Immediately  my mind went back to that post! haha *Slaps knee* :) They kindly handed the blog back, with one exception...Anytime I want to post, I have to ask for their permission. lol jk! So if you haven't checked out there blog, you should!

What's the latest?


 The heat this past weekend was unreal! lol As my friend Ash ( best put it, "IT IS BURNING HOT OVER HERE" Lol

Took a trip to visit the Mayes Family! Great people, Sis. Mayes was preparing a grand feast for us! lol Josh had the grill going and Bro. Mayes had me check out the giant gold fish that they have. IT was HUGE! How in the world did the gold fish get that big?! maybe it was payback for all the people who flush there dead gold fishes down the toilet?! Try doing that with this one and your gonna have to call "Joe the Plummer" $$$$ lol

Some sort of pasta salad :)

The real deal!
After the splendid dinner, we all meet up with the youth of Palmdale! I love that youth group, just good people. There we played volleyball for a while and laughed off the hot night. Had a great time ;)

Youth Alive: I can't wait, seriously. :) Just a couple weeks away! 

Turning point: I titled this post turning point because it relates to me. Ever hit a rough patch in your life? when you just feel broken and feel the weight of the world on your back? Let people down and your just selling yourself short? Well I did and I can confirm that thanks to God and supporting family and friends, I'm back. Full force and Focused. I love God and can't wait to experience all he has for me, turned a new chapter in my life. I have to remind you all, turn to God. He is our help :) 

Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.".

 God is putting all the right people in my life and I don't want to live one day with out talking to him. Stay strong and don't quite. More on that to come...But for now,

Have a blessed day! 




  1. WHAT IN THE WORLD??!?! What a disappointment.... Cesar in a silver suit.... I guess it just confirms God's will for me- Cesar is not for me! Hahaahaha! Anyways- Welcome back Elias! :)

    Oh and is it cheating to go on every electronic device in my house that connects to the internet and vote to keep the Barney song up? HA! jk ;P


  2. Lol I was praying about you and Cesar! haha!

    Thanks Nicole! :)

    Yes, I'm gonna have to make it hard for you then...Raise the # of votes to 100. LOL