Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life Is Like...

Life is like an SD card. It can only take so much. 
Life is like a dirty diaper. It stinks. 
Life is like a tupperware bowl. If you microwave spaghetti in it, it will stain red. 
Life is like a credit card. Don't max it out too much. 
Life is like a light switch. Poeple turn you off a lot. 
Life is like second hand clothing. Just let it un-ravel. 
Life is like a pimple. Someday it will pop. 
Life is like Family Circus. If you don't know what I mean, go read the comic strip. 
Life is like your favorite rocking chair. It rocks. 
Life is like a pair of sneakers. They get worn out after a million miles. 
Life is like a battery. You'll die if you don't get re-charged. 
Life is like cat nip. It makes you crazy. 
Life is like cocaine. It makes you crack. 
Life is like your house cleaner. Just do it yourself. 
Life is like a hot tub. The more you're in it, the more you wrinkle. 
Life is like your toenail. It can get ingrown sometimes. 
Life is like typing. When you make a typo, just hit the backspace. 
Life is like Mt. Everest. What a relief to get over the hill!
(By: Bethany, Cherie, and Stephanie. Yes, we made all of these up!)

Here are some pictures of us and Elias...
Elias singing with us at PCC 2010

 Hanging out at the gym with Elias

Elias in Mexico

This is me holding Elias when he was a baby. As you can see, we go way back!


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  1. Ah yes, good times. haha I rmbr the last pic so vividly lol