Friday, August 5, 2011

Picture Archive

Good Morning :)

I was looking through my phone and couldn't believe how many pictures it holds! I must have hundreds of pics just stored on my phone. So here is a few random pics and a description for each. lol

This is a picture of a "Police ID" I found in the toy section of Target. Lol I think I recognize the guy in the pic ;)..I left Bennet's ID there so he could hopefully find it. 

O.o?? Lol Cesar and his custom shades!

Group Pic, the two guys in the back look so bored. lol

Pumped up and ready for morning service. LOL okay, not quite. 

Little Marco touching heaven! 

A little mix of my stuff and my brothers art work  (from their younger years)...

This pulled up next to us...Pretty sick picture, even better camera huh? Lol LAMBO

Police street bike, only about 6 of them.

If only these objects could talk. Lol

An IPhone! lol

A special shout out to my brother! Happy Birthday Tomas!! :) :)

Have a great day! :)



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