Friday, September 2, 2011

Little Brother....NOT so little.

Good Morning & Happy Friday! :)

  I'm excited about tonight's youth prayer night. Were all gonna get together and pray, mainly praying for our upcoming Youth Alive Conference. That God would move and life's would be changed. I don't just hope to see all the friends there but first time church visitors as well! :) I'll get plenty of pics of the get together tonight. Did I mention volleyball tonight as well? lol :) maybe football? Awesomeness. lol

  So as many of you know, I'm not an only child! Growing up, I thought only child's lived the good life! All the toys, everything given to them...and to think how happy they are come Christmas time! lol If your an only child, I salute you. lol but as for me...I wouldn't want it any other way than  how I've had it. I have two younger brothers who are at a minimum, 7 years younger than me! So I've always been familiar w/ the big brother role...BUT! what happens when they start growing up and the first one surpasses you in HEIGHT?! (but not in looks :) *Cough, Cough*) So that is the case right now. My brother is a monster. lol One quote I read about a young guy who was in the same situation, said, "I love my brother...but it is like he has my body..but the 2.0 version"  haha  So this brother of mine is also very active, like me. He's very fascinated w/ martial arts too. He's been taking Jujitsu classes. He's been trying to get me to join him, but I refuse. Yesterday he challenged me to a grappling match! So I accepted.

  We started off on the ground and we couldn't stop till one of us forced a submission on the other. (Tap Out) So we battled for over 10 minutes, I was in control for most of the match..I wouldn't let my brother up because I know he has experience and knows a lot of moves..The only move I know is the arm bar. (Very painful) But those are very difficult to get, ESPECIALLY on someone even slightly experienced. My brother did manage to take control over me during the last few minutes and got me in a choke, using his LEGS! He squeezed and squeezed, I felt circulation start to cut off on my head but I fought it, meanwhile he also had me in an arm bar. I somehow managed to break out and got back on top...Soon as I did that, I began to feel really light headed and had to quite! I know, I know.. Embarrassing! so my brother won, not because I tapped but because I fore fitted. Make sure you got that part. lol Neither of us were happy for it to end that way but that's just the way it went down. I'm thinking about taking some classes, I WILL make my return and own him...But for now, he can brag about it. Whatever lol *Head Down*

  That's all for now, I better stop typing...I'm feeling light headed. haha

Have a good day and make sure to keep blood flowing through your head. lol jk




  1. Elias! Haha nice post. We'll all believe that you let your bro win lol.
    Anyways I was walking around on your street the other day! Haha have a fantab day:)

  2. Haha Hi Ash! Thanks, he technically won but that's just one battle, not the whole war. lol Were you? I'm going to youth prayer tonight, let me know if you want to come!


  3. Haha let us know who wins! Lol Thanks for the offer:). Sooo busy though, Maybe next time! I'll see ya in less than a week at Youth Alive or maybe at the park like last time lol