Friday, July 22, 2011

Follower of the month!

Happy Friday! :) :)

  So I did get new suits last week! (Awesome) I'll post pics early next week. One other thing in the works, is a Monday Night softball post. Which has now turned into Softball/Soccer night. Talk about Cardio. Lol :0 I wish everyone who follows Resilience could attend. You would instantly fall in love with it. If you do want more details, post a comment.

Moving along...

July is such a great month, it wasn't easy picking the follower of the month. (Never really is) lol Bring on the questions! :)

Date of birth?

-I would have to say... she only told me, maybe I sadly forgot. However, She did graduate this year!! :)

If this person to were to be arrested, what would it be for?

-Never. Lol I would go would be...umm... 0.o ?? Tax Evasion? LOL

Perfect car for this person

-A Lambo! lol no really.

Dogs or Cats?

-Dogs, she likes my pup Layla.

Pepsi or Coke?

-Come on? Pepsi all day!



What is this person probably doing right now?

-I would say sitting in a college classroom. Or preparing a business plan. :) (Peaches) LOL

Fav. Color?

-Royal Purple, wait no, that's mine. Hers might just be purple.

One thing they won't leave the house without?

-Shoes :)

What do you appreciate about this person? I greatly appreciate her friendship. She's one of a kind. Down to earth and makes everyone feel special. Known her a while, her bro is a good friend of mine too. Who is just about one of the funniest guys you'll ever meet. But this isn't about him it's about her. lol so the follower of the month is.....

Christina Marie!

Cats :/ lol

 This was one of the greatest messages I've ever received. It was on my b-day..

"hahaha! Old man is Birthday boy Easy E :)" -Christina Marie

This is a two part joke...
Part 1= I go to bed really early on the weekdays because I work so early. So everyone thinks I'm a grandpa.  
Part 2: I'm getting up there in years. Lol :)

A classic. lol Congrats again! :)

Have a good day everyone! 

Grandpa is out! lol



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