Monday, July 11, 2011

Wow, here so soon!

Good Morning :)

I'm enjoying my last day as a 20 year old, can't believe how quickly time passes by. So the quote of the day should be, "Time waits for no man" lol This will be a rather simple post. For today only, I'm going to refrain from discussing the usual deep profound topics Lol :) For all the youngster's who "Can't wait to get older", be careful what you wish for. haha Looking back, it feels like yesterday. My friends and I couldn't wait till Friday pizza day at school. Painting on canvases and having your teacher read to you a Romona story. Also, the warning sticker on my mom's car.


I deeply disliked this sticker, I never was able to ride in the front.

My Personal Fav.

It's really not that bad lol I can't wait to CELEBRATE =D

Have a great day!

-Elias(The ancient)



  1. Happy Early Birthday Elias!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D 21!!! Lol. You old man.

  2. haha Yes, thanks. But I still have one more day left. :)

  3. A Bit Late But Happy Birth Day Man! Same B-Day as My Birth Day. God Bless You bro and enjoy every second of life..