Friday, May 27, 2011

Resilient Follower of the month!

Good Morning!!! It's 6am where I'm at, but it's okay because it's finally Friday! :) This has felt like such a long week. Oh and Monday is a Holiday!

  When waking up this morning I discovered that I had a strange bruise on my forehead?? Its looked like a birth mark. My brain only works at 50 % capacity around  6am, so it took me a while to remember how I got it. Then finally it hit me! My brother! We were playing basketball yesterday and some how it turned into a grapplying match in our front yard. We would credit ourselves with points with each take down, my brother is really big for his age (but not as good looking as me) so he has no problem taking people down. Well anyways, on one of his take downs, I rmbered having my face slammed onto the hard ground! Shook me up a bit but we continued. So I got to see the results this morning! :/ But the real question is who is the Resilient Follower of the month?! so bring on the questions!...

Date of birth?

  -I know this! but I just forgot..I'll name the month for half points. Lol February!

If this person were to be arrested, what would it be for?

  -Hmm, excessive speeding or aiding and abetting! Lol Probably both. :)

Perfect car for this person?


Pepsi or coke?


Dogs or Cats?

  -Who likes cats? Lol

Cake or Pie?

  -Pie! like homemade!


  -She's almost as tall as me...I would say um 5'3 :)

What is this person probably doing right now?

 -Right now? Hitting the snooze button, lol jk Probably helping someone accomplish something.

Fav. color?




Fav. Animal?


One thing she won't leave the house without

  -Her phone

Something this person dislikes

  -L.A. Traffic (thumbs down)

Something you appreciate about this person

  -Her zeal for God! Her blog, even the hair one. Lol She's friendly. Also, her carrying/supportive attitude.

SOO..this month's follower of the month is none other than!

                  SYSTEM ERROR!       SYSTEM ERROR!

                 (JK! :) That would be a Yahoo pulse thing)


Congrats Meagen! Post a comment to claim your prize.



[20181326] :)


  1. LOL man Elias :p Hahahaha you were pretty close on some :) I'll correct you hahahaa

    Birth: December 8th
    Car: Mini Cooper or a BIIGGG Truck :)
    Soda: Neither-Dr Pepper lol
    Food: I'll take cake! Especially the cakes I make
    Height: I'm like 5'1'' ;) lol close!

    Hahahah and I probably was hitting the snooze button! haha thanks very much Elias! :) This was thoroughly entertaining.


  2. OH yes the mini cooper! Dr. Pepper is awesome. Why cake? Lol No, thank you!! :)

  3. Devil's Food (Chocolate Cake) is just sooo good. Now, that I'm thinking about it, I'm probably going to make one :) yummy. Somethind odd, I've never REALLY loved pie. It's an "okay" dessert for me :) not preferred but it's good. Lol You have to try Cherry Dump Cake :) THAT is delicious!

  4. Cherry Dump Cake? Whats in it?