Tuesday, May 17, 2011

**Missions Week**

Good Morning :)

This past week was our annual missions week! We kicked things off with our Wednesday evening service..Instead of having a guest speaker, we had our 3 branch work pastors preach. Each of them for 20 minutes. Each pastor testified, and shared with us some of the difficulties they encountered when starting a church. It was very encouraging. The following Saturday was our annual missions picnic. There were a variety of different types of food! I had myself a little cheat date, but it was totally worth it. lol There were many visitors that joined us :)

Vivian and our awesome van riders! Not one bit camera shy. lol

The little play area, they didn't make them this cool when I was young

Erin, The one, Ash D.

Tyler D. At Bat!

Injured 3rd baseman. Umm totally my fault. Lol

Bro. Eric Wilson Getting his "Grill on"

Bethany :)

Bro. Mike Emery, The man, the myth , the legend. "Champion of Mexican Horseshoes"

Pinatas..Nuff said.


Jason and the sets of twins..

Sunday evening service! Concluded our missions week. Bro. Wheeler preached and showed a small sideshow presentation with pics of missions work. (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Philipines There was such a great move of the Holy Ghost at the alter that night. Thank God for those who sacrifice and labor in foreign lands.

Have a great day :)




  1. Must have been an awesome week! :) I don't remember have those updated playgrounds until I was 13 :P lol We played on those metal slides with rusty handle bars and wood chips/sand. Don't forget the graffiti :)

  2. Yes exactly, there wasn't a patch of grass at my elementary school Lol

  3. WOAH that is an UGLY woody pinata!! LOL!
    And also, 20+20+20= 1 hour preaching. Heh heh.


  4. haha your right, he has this weird look on his face, not even a smile, like he knows he's about to get knocked out! haha Those calculations are so far advanced, who am I to comment. LOL :)