Thursday, May 26, 2011

Schools out!

Hi there :)

Okay so the month of May is wrapping up, were almost half way through 2011. Just in the past 4 months so many events have occured. From tsunamis to Bin Laden's capture. It's pretty crazy. lol Pacific Coast Camp is around the corner *BREAKING NEWS* Looks like I won't be able to make it. :( :( I'm still working on getting to go, say a prayer for me! Lol :)


  -There causing all kinds of damage in the mid west. Pray for the families who have been affected by them. I listened to sound clip of a family that hid, in gas station's walk in freezer, while a tornado tore that gas station to bits. I heard as one person just kept saying Jesus, they all survived. :)


Schools out for the summer...

  -I'm so happy for my brothers! Lol They have endured another school year. They should recieve the resilient followers of the month award. haha But really tho, I'm glad they took care of business. Now they can have a little fun ;) To all you that will be enjoying a break, I say congrats!


Follower of the Month...

  -I've been behind schedule when choosing the follower of the month. Picked up a bad habbit of announcing them at the end of the month, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Oh well, It's the thought that counts. Lol :) I do have my next follower of the month, which you will all find out tomorrow. *Sneak Peak* she's from California.

Kyle Busch..

  -He's a NASCAR driver, which up until yesterday, I had no idea who he was. He was pulled over in NC. For what? you guessed it...Speeding. But this wasn't your normal 10-15 miles over the speed limi..He was going 83mph over the speed limit! 128mph in a 45mph. 0.o?? FAIL!


Yahoo Pulse..

  -When it's not busy flashing error messages, it actually is quite usefull. Lol

The Mavericks..

 - They will probably win it all.

Jenny Craig...

  -Okay I'm not using this plan but it's practically synomous with the word diet. I started to cut back a bit and have already dropped over 10 pounds. Cutting out the sweets was like disowning your own child. You know the saying goes, "You can get something for nothing"


  -Last Saturday our youth spent the morning blasting each other with paintballs(traveling at great speeds) Lol It was totally worth the bruises and if you've never done it, you owe it to yourself. Right Marvin? Gary? Lol I forgot my camera at home and so I took most of my pics via Iphone. Lol

Little M.J.

  -The baby of the family, his birthday is this Saturday! I can't wait to celebrate it. What do I get him? I'm looking at buying him an Ipod. Since he CLAIMS I allegedly lost his Ipod. 

                                             Missing-ipod   -Allegedly- :)

Okay tis' all for now. Have a good day :)





  1. Nice "update" post :) hahah looking forwards to tomorrow's post and those pictures from paintballing.

  2. LOL Thanks! Looks like you had a blast on your vacation with the family! :)