Friday, June 3, 2011

Over or Under??

Happy Friday to everyone :)

Here's a list of places, items, etc. That might be considered overrated or even underrated.

1) Aldo

UNDERRATED- It's a mini clothing store that packs a lot of punch. Well priced and there stuff looks great. locations are popping up everywhere. Where else can you get this great watch for $30?

2) Organic food

OVERRATED- If you see this label on something, it can only mean one thing...Your gonna pay more. Up to two or even three times the price of the "non-organic" counterpart. Organic doesn't necessarily mean it's better for you.  Grocery Chains shure love the word, they think it rythmes with profit. Lol


UNDERRATED-How can you not love them?? Even if there not "Purebred"(Overrated).

4) China's Economy

OVERRATED-Housing problems are looming in the not to distant future.

5) Christmas

OVERRATED-NOT referring to the the birth of Jesus, but the commercialized holiday aspect of it. Gotta get this, gotta get that. Swipe away. lol

6) Sports stars that  "Tweet" about their personal frustrations.


7) Disneyland

OVERRATED-Happiest place on Earth?

 Anaheim heat + Long lines= Frowns.

8) The Chicago Bears

UNDERRATED. Came up 2 games short of winning it all.

9) The Lost City of Atlantis

UNDERRATED-No ones talks about it. Lol

10) Sushi:

UNDERRATED-It's good stuff!

11) Texting

OVERRATED-Nuff' said. :)

12) Asking someone to the bonfire at Donkey Rock

OVERRATED- LOL! Threw this one in for fun. :)

13) Ross

UNDERRATED: Your really do dress for less.

14) Blogs

UNDERRATED-Social Networking sites cast a shadow over them.

15) Talent

Desire is more valuable, Can't rely on talent alone, ask Jamarucs Russel.

There are many things I didn't mention, but feel free to post a comment. Have a great weekend!



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