Thursday, May 26, 2011

**Paintballing** :)

Hello :) 

   This past Saturday our youth went Paintballing. We meet up with some of the Whittier youth. The word I'm searching for, to best describe it, would be..EPIC! :) it's been too long since I've last shot someone with a paintball flying at vicious speeds. Lol I hope we get together again soon! We were all pretty bruised up. Nothing says a good time with friends like welts! haha

Whittier Youth

Our Instructor, THE BEST


Marvin, Never misses an oppurtunity to adverstise. Lol

Gary Molina


Okay so I rarely whear hats, but this was a bears hat!

The Last Stand

Done for the day

If you've never tried it, please do!

Have a good one :)



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