Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bring back the Good Old Days!

Good Morning!

  I was reminiscing about my early childhood days. I'm sure most of can remember some of our elementary school teachers. The nice, as well as mean ones. Lol They all meant well, alot of them had a major impact on our lives. I even considered going into teaching for like two short lived seconds. Lol But what are some of the explosives trends that claimed the early 90's? particularly school age kids? well lets take a look.....

Which ones came first? Well I don't remember the chronological order but I'll try to be accurate...

Kindergarten: I still remember my first day of school, the confusion and the complicated backpacks. Lol Only thing I had down was the eating. haha Shortly after came the national phenomenon....Power Rangers! It was a show, that was packed with "action" Lol about a group of high school kids that had ninja skills and fought of the "evil people" that wanted to destroy the world. My backpack, clothes and toys were all Power Ranger theme. I even had power ranger shoes with Velcro straps (the epitome of coolness)

First Grade: Power Rangers still ran strong. My first grade teacher, who I ran into about a year ago(Epic) was very strict, we only talked about relevant topics in class. During recess and lunch I would run around with friends and pretend to be power rangers. There were girl characters on the show but I don't think it was nearly as popular with the girls, as with the guys. I think they were still into barbies. Nothing could compare to the storm that was brewing..A global craze that even Power Rangers would soon fall trend victim to. Lol

Second Grade: One word. Pokemon! It was unbelievable how quickly Pokemon popularity grew. Pokemon were these little monsters that had powers and there were card games and shows. I will never forget this one girl, who could quote the entire Pokemon theme song, It seemed so complicated and lengthy, she was very much obsessed with it. lol :( I had cards myself, I never learned how to actually play the game. Some would sell cards to others in school. I got in on the business myself, at one point I made $ 7 whole dollars in sales. Lol

Third Grade: Pokemon was only getting bigger, the snowball effect. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one that wanted that snow to melt. Yo Yo's were popular too, they were also expensive. I had the cheaper version and never took the time to learn any decent tricks on them. They were usually see through and one could spot the "brains" of the Yo Yo. More brains meant you had a better quality Yo Yo. Turns out the "brains" were the screws that held them together. Lol The kids were slightly right.

Fourth Grade: Romona books were popular. My teacher loved reading them to us. She knew how to act it out as she read. Star wars...even more popular. This was around the time of the whole Y2K. The turn of a new millennium. Pokemon was reaching their peak, they released a worldwide movie that was topped in ticket sales. Harry Potter books were introduced and quickly gaining momentum. The vocabbulary was a little advanced for fourth graders.

Fifth Grade: Everyone had graduation on there mind. I remember hearing from just about everyone, how hard middle school would be. You would have more than one teacher! (shocker). Scooters were everywhere, RAZOR scooters! Lol If you didn't have that brand, everyone would laugh at you. Even tho it was tempting to buy a different brand at the swap meet for a third of the price. The social price was too much to pay. I wasn't really into exercise, I had a Nintendo 64 *tears of joy streaming down my face* It was all I ever thought about. The graphics at the time were the best money could offer. Pro wrestling was also very popular. It would eventually mean more to me than Nintendo. Lol That's another blog post in and of its self.

There are some honorable mentions: Super-Soakers, Lisa Frank, Furbys, Goosebumps Mysteries. 

Those are just a few of the top school age trends of the 90's. Side note: If any of you feel inspired to buy me a Nintendo 64 go right ahead ;) Lol Have a great day :)



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