Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Park Soccer and Six Flags

Good Morning!  

Hope you all have been doing good! if not, send me a text. lol Just posting a few pics real quick. Today I'm heading out to Fresno, WCC is just about here and I haven't packed a thing. haha.  

 Our church park trip was tons of fun. Everyone participated. The young and the elderly as well...Most importantly tho, the Van kido's really enjoyed themselves. It was really hot that day, so you might catch people desperately searching for shade.


These girls love photos


Sister White Picked the soccer ball up and attempted to throw it in the for a score. lol 

Staying hydrated. 


My parents were in it also. lol

Dad representing El Salvador. 

Bell and Grandpa

She won't lay down for very long

Pulling herself up!
My brothers and I went to six flags that weekend. Seemed like half a million people did the same. :(
Batman the ride

Watch out for those that try to scare you. lol 
Dinner at Red robins

Have a nice weekend..Stay tuned for a million west coast pics! lol 



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