Friday, October 26, 2012

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Good Morning!

 I never use to be quite as injury prone..I keep getting hurt! Football, Basketball...reading..etc. lol I'm simply getting old! haha either way, I find myself being more careful and less reckless. I've been recovering from a little foot injury and dress shoes have been my enemy as of late. I meet people from time to time, who seem to always get hurt..Are you one of those people? I feel your pain now! hahaha leave a comment and follow [If your part of handful of people who aren't already following] :) OHH and If your going to get hurt, get hurt after West Coast! because I want to see you there! lol Some of us bloggers have to get together for group pic! If you don't blog, well...You can be in the pic too! haha 

Have yourself a great weekend and God Bless. 



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