Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We all have those friends...Part 1.


So we all have a group of those "Close" friends...The friends you feel you know  best. Each of them known for a certain personality, or predictable reaction to something. I do and I won't name names lol but I'm sure you can relate :)

The one that panics....

Some basic scenarios:

1) I forgot to lock the door to my house.

A typical reaction:

" Aw man, oh well, my dog will hold down the fort."

"They wouldn't dare rob me, I look too intimidating."

THAT friend: "CALL 911! I have to call my neighbors! They're  not answering! (maybe because it's 5 am?!) I have to go home. What is the number to SWAT? Is it to late to get that insured. It's over, there will be nothing left".

The one that only calls when they need something lol

  Basic Scenario:

THAT friend: "Hey man let's hang out right now"

The nice friend: "Hey man! it's been a while, it's short notice but yeah, where we meeting?

THAT friend: "Anywhere but bring a bag of dog food, were running low over here, pay you back"

The Reliable friend/always down. lol
   Basic Scenario:

Friend: " Hey man, I know it's last minute but I'm heading out of town, can you feed my dogs?"

THAT friend: "Yeah man no prob".

Friend: "Hey man down for an Ice cream run, I know it's late. (11pm) ?"

THAT friend: "On my way"

That friend that knows a friend for everything:

  Basic Scenario:

Friend: "Man, my sink is clogging up"

THAT friend: " Don't worry man, I know just the person"

Friend: "Man, I can't get my neighbor to turn his music down"

THAT friend: "Don't worry man, I know just the person". Lol!

That friend that is always late:

Basic Scenario:

Friend:"Let's meet up at 6."

THAT friend:" 6:45 I'm on my way man..."

Friend: "I figured, I had planned for 7 anyways. "lol

THAT friend: "I'm always late but worth the wait".

Friend: "That's debatable". lol

Good and bad traits but regardless you gotta love them. This is only part 1, I might not have reached you....YET. lol

Have a nice day! HAPPY BDAY RISHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Hahahah!!!! I hope to be one of your good friends! Lol!!!!