Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Bday Jose D. of AZ. lol Also, WCC recap! And other events as of late.

Happy Bday to my buddy Jose D. From the AZ. Congrats man. New Job and everything. You the man bro.

So Last Week was West Coast Conference! I had so much fun. Tom (the little bro) and Eric had fun too. We left Wednesday around 4pm. We have a shorter drive than most, so we hit the road. We pretty much went straight there, only stopping for Wendy's :). I made it to Fresno in record time (Low Traffic Levels).

Hotel room

The services were amazing. Every message was so on point. It was a blessing and I felt like overall, the young people were hungry for a move of God. 

The famous Elevator Pics! Everyone look up! 

Mike and Melanie 

Yuriah's Dad!

I don't know where this pic came from. It looks like a Sombrero?? 0.o

The last night. Cup Shuffling!! lol 

The first night

"The famous back seat look back group everyone on 3". Pic

Oh no she didn't

The "I should I take the camera away from this guy" look. 

No better way to hint that I'm ready to go. Just stand and make everyone feel obligated to hurry up. lol  

It's not working.....

LOL Far left

Early Morning service...The Starbucks is so strategically located right next door. 

The "Side,check if your paying attention to the preaching" Pic. 

Classy...Too much Class...

All the People. Even little man Brice up front.

When you get tired of looking  around at Clothes...Just stop and take pics. 

Rough Everyone had serious jokes that night. I wasn't feeling 100 percent or else I would of had better come backs...Promise! You hear me ANALI? lol And look it's John...I mean Joe. lol 

Alright Bobby!

I was talking to the preacher in the elevator and didn't even know it. lol 

The view from my room...It's a long way down. 

Add caption

Elder Morton

Great Pic. 

Apparently taking a pic may cause one to burst in laughter. lol :)

So glad I lost weight. 

Awesome Alter Call

 Great time, filled with Godly Fellowship. It is a great privilege and blessing to get to go.

Bell's Section...

Last Sunday was also our Pastor's 31st Pastoral Anniversary! What better way to celebrate than with 3 Baptisms! I only got pic's of the 2/3. So Proud of Uriah, he's really a great kid.

With it almost being Christmas...Here's clever Idea. lol 

Have a great day and God Bless :) 



  1. Lol did you see that in the elevator pic I'm almost hitting you? Lol and whatever Elias ! Just admit I have better jokes lol.... I need to be nice to you. Lol

    And yay for baptisms!

  2. I did notice that! hahaha Your jokes are........ Commendable LOL