Friday, June 29, 2012

A quick thanks! lol

Good Morning! :)

   Just want to say a quick thanks to those who regularly ready this blog. :) 15,000 views and counting on this young blog. lol Now even tho she doesn't have a picture to prove it....A Fellow V.T. Saint claimed to be the 15,000th  viewer. Congrats! Also my friend doesn't know, but there actually is no prize due to the Rescission. So a Hi Five is in order! 

Mr. Kobes

hahaha If you have any suggestions or improvements for the blog (Always room for improvement) ....Send me an email! :)   Don't forget to give a high five! Happy Friday :)

Have a blessed day,




  1. I thought you signed up for a cool run! (15K = 9.3 miles in case you were wonderin')

  2. Hahaha I've never ran before, except to the fridge. As soon as I made that my title, I thought marathon too. haha I should give it a shot!

  3. Bahahaha! Nice running to the fridge! Haaa!

  4. @Sis Mcelhaney

    Thanks, I gotta train.

    @ Ash,

    Your the only one I know who lost their camera at camp. So I put that as one of answers for the poll. There is one vote for that...Who can that be I wonder. lol

    Are you going to Pomona tmrw?

  5. LOL about the running to the fridge and my hand is too big for that high five. Just sayin'

  6. Anali,

    lol :) Just use four fingers. haha Team 5