Monday, June 25, 2012

PCC!! Pics all the good stuff!

Good Morning!

    I am so blessed to have been able to attend this years Camp Meeting in Ventura, CA. One of my fav. quotes that relates, "A joy shared is doubled".  My brothers were able to attend the camp as well so this joy was tripled! lol  Even tho anybody who went can testify, these types of camps cost a lot of money to put together. Registration for these events be very expensive for campers. With that said, it was neat to hear stories from many of my friends on how they found ways to raise the money. Some Traveled as far as North Carolina and even Georgia. Bro. Alvear put it best one night when he spoke. He told of how his son really wanted to make it to the camp. His youth worked really hard to attend as a group and also raised money for the Pastor and his wife to travel with them. Bro. Alvear was reminded that his son wasn't asking for a concert ticket, or sporting event seats but rather asking for more of God. We really could not put a price on such a special camp! The preaching was phenomenal. Elder Lambeth spoke in the morning and Elder Kerr in the evening. I was truly blessed and recommitted. Yes, it cost me a bit but I am FOREVER grateful. I have memories that will last a lifetime. As Bro. Lambeth stressed, we've got to go DEEPER. That is my prayer and to preserve my walk with God. As we all should strife to do. One day at a time.

Annnnnnndddd now....PICTURES! 

Josh getting MOSSED. lol 

Team 5 

Silus Seeking God

First time meeting the Georgia Youth

Bro Lambeth

The famous No look Shot 

The all star team get's owned by the elderly team

Elder Kerr

Sock Shot


Man Van

Trying to Fix a broken Camera

I am a photographer. lol!

Ace, his first time seeing the beach. lol! jk I asked him to Look in Awe

Sm1 caught a shark

Hope you all enjoyed the pics!  




  1. Elias! I found your blog wooo-hooo. I even made it into one blurry picture of team 5 with my bug sunglasses lol.

    Nice meeting you. You should google Elias oraba by coro tabernaculo so you can see the song I was TRYING to sing. lol
    I shall follow your blog from now on!

  2. @ DesRosh,

    Sure was! So many pics huh?

    @ Anvali

    Thank you for relaying the competitive message to Jen. haha I like your blog as well. Team 5 was a lot of fun!! I'll check it out. I've been really getting into spanish praise music lately. Mainly the classics like, "Quando levanto mi manos". etc. But hey it's a start. lol

  3. Ahem * cuando, lol and yeah Spanish music is the best, but some are too modern. Jesus Adrian Romero and Marcos Witts OLD cd's have good music. And Jen's still the blog queen in my book lol

  4. Elias, you posted an entire yearbook worth of pictures! (high five) that makes up for you rarely posting :)

  5. Wow, so many pics! I haven't even uploaded mine yet cause my laptop crashed and I don't know if my dad will let me upload them on his. lol Anyhow, yes thanks for the lovely competitive message. Haha! Keep trying to

  6. @ Anali

    oops! haha Thanks, I'll check those out! & Yeah her blog is "commendable" lol That is an Adventures In Odyssey reference. lol

    @ Emily

    Lol I didn't realize how many pics I actually took. I have to give credit to most of my friends who took the pics while I played sports. I would let them hold the camera and they would go crazy! ha

    @ Jennifer

    Thanks! Credit to those who helped take the pics. What kind of Laptop? I was thinking of getting an Ipad.And yes, I vow to continue to TRY. haha

  7. It's an HP. I'm glad you're trying. Hopefully it will become "commendable" after a few more attempts. lol

  8. @ Jennifer,

    Oh, hope it recovers quick. Maybe some day I will reach that level. I'm just trying to go deeper. ha!