Monday, July 2, 2012


Good Morning!

A quick shout out to my good friend D. Masley. I missed his graduation party. He has also not replied to my text messages. lol Congratulations on graduating and every other graduate this year!

Tuesday Night Softball: Tuesday Nights at 6pm. New Location. If you need the address, email me.

Short Work Week! Half day, followed by a Holiday!! :))))

My parents are back from their vacation. At this time I will step down from my position as Top Chef  of the House. My brothers are thankful for that. lol Thank God for a safe fun trip, missed them dearly! They also brought back Pupusas! Which I will be enjoying for lunch today!!!!

July 4th. What are your plans? Anything fun and exciting? We all want to know! lol

Have a great day

God Bless




  1. You Missed out! Daniel's Party.... The guys threw him in the pool hahaha! It was hilarious!

  2. AHH! I missed out! lol


  3. Did you take pics of that Ash? Haha That's hilarious!
    And for the 4th of July I am going to my aunt and uncle house to eat, and climb on the roof to watch the fireworks. lol

  4. Not even funny!!! I looove pupusas!! So, boy, where mine be?! hehe!

  5. @ Jennifer,

    Oh really? It's always good to spend the day with family. :) Have you ever tried pupusas?

    @ Lily,

    They were pretty goooooodd! Well you haven't been 2 L.A.! haha