Friday, June 15, 2012

PCC Preview!

Good Morning!

Last night was very special, I went to the viewing of a friend of mine. It was held at my church, so many people were in attendance. The message was clear, he touched many peoples lives. It was a great joy to see his family again. Today is the actual burial service, I'm glad I get the opportunity to attend. Miss ya bro-

Little Matty James, my youngest brother, graduates elementary today. So proud of him. As I was telling a friend the other day, no more elementary age kids for mom anymore. LOL matter of fact, he's already been taller than my mom for over a year. Can you imagine the grocery's we go through?! 

AND NOOOOOOOOOWWWWW.............Pcc! is here. I haven't missed this camp since it first started, what a blessing it is. I know of new young people in my church (daughter works included) that will be attending this camp for the FIRST time ever. One of them is actually going to ride with me there. He will go unnamed....Issac. lol Hope he has a good time and enjoys all the Godly fellowship. I know he will be blessed. I have warned him that I am planning on bringing enough junk food to survive off of for a month! lol I don't normally eat that way but in a honor of camp, I will put on a pound or two or three or four or

Hope you all have a blessed weekend and I will be posting a *million pics of PCC soon....



*Roughly a million :)


  1. Hey elias! :)) Post loads of pics!!!

  2. Lucky duck!! Have fun! We're all counting on your *cough cough* million pictures!

  3. PCC was awesome - like my blog! It's better than yours! Haha jk...anyways, Anali gave me your rude message about my blog. lol All in fun though!! Nice to meet you at camp, God bless!