Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Youth Alive! :)

  Good Morning! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! And a special thanks to everyone that made it to Youth Alive! Even tho we didn't go to Knot's this year, it still turned out to be one of the best years ever!


As you all know, Bro. Jason Calhoun, was the guest speaker. He served up some incredibly anointed preaching both nights! Our church was packed from wall to wall that night. Lol I was one of the ushers that night and it felt like I was playing real life Tetris! haha After service we quickly found out that Shakey's was closed! What do you do? You go to the place where nothings ever frozen...In an Out! :)

Pastor White

Bro. Jason Calhoun

Bro. D
Yur, Eli, Josh, Jen

Friday Night!
Service was held at Liberty Hall! The A/C was giving us a hard time, but we still had awesome church! We also filled the rented facility! It was also great seeing so many first time visitors..During the alter call, Ricky (a young person from our church) was filled with the holy ghost! Praise God. Just before the start of the service I meet Jose from AZ, we know him from the pulse. 

Really cool guy, has a blog too http://storiesfromjd.blogspot.com/ 

I also meet Mary Frances! her blog can be found at http://classicmarymoments.blogspot.com/

Then I met Caitlyn, her blog http://imperfectionsbycait.blogspot.com/

I almost lost my camera too! turns out I left it with a friend at Chipotle, so I couldn't get pics of our Lock in. lol Overall one Epic night! =D

Viv, Myself, Crystal

Bro. Calhoun Preaching
Liberty Hall!
Bro. Kendrick, an awesome man of God. 
Choir! Led by the Fontana Church
"The presence of the Lord is here"
My Pastor standing with Ricky!


Saturday we spent the day at Disneyland. Spent some quality brother time with Tomas. (& Others) Lol Spent time with the young people from ATWATER! Also, BELL GARDENS..then towards the end of the night, the awesome young people from FREMONT! I do miss space mountain. lol It's a small world, REVERSE! lol

Elena, Yao, Steph, Myself, Emanuel

Yao, Elena, Steph, Tomas, Cristina, & little man!

Living Life in 3-D!


Water Show !

If you didn't make it to Youth Alive this year, please plan to attend next year!

Have a good day! 




  1. Brother!!!! I had a BLAST this year!! especially running and skipping through Disneyland!! haha *get off my BOAT* ~(reverse)~ Bhahahaha!!! over all it was AWESOME! can't wait till west coast = )

  2. Yeah it was cool meetin you!!! I'ma add your blog to my cool people list under my links!!! Oh and I did a whole post about youth Alive!!!

  3. Steph, I had so my fun too! I need to work on my skipping skills! haha I'm so glad no one fell hahaha! Yeah WCC is just around the corner, can't wait!

    Mary, Lol! okay, thanks! I'll check out your post! :)

  4. Had a wonderful time too :D sorry about the run around in disneyland lol. hope to see you again soon :)

  5. Kristyna (correctly spelled) , lol it's all good! Yeah it was such good time. Hope to see you soon!

  6. Hey! it was a lot of fun this year. whats the word I'm looking for? ... It was Epic! Next year will be even better with a new camera, sun screen, and meet your group for sure.

  7. @JD, hahaha EPIC, lol yeah bro can't wait!


  8. Looks like Ya'll had a ton of fun!!! Haven't been in years!!!! But hey, at least west coast is coming up!! YAY!

  9. @ Lily, We did, JD can tell you all about it!
    I'm excited about WCC too! :)


  10. @ Elias: Haha Yup! I'll fly into Burbank this time and not end up in Hollywood like I did on the way to church or end up at the beach at 2 am going home from the lock in. haha! I think I've told so many about Youth Alive and still telling people about it. We'll have someone hold our camera's this time too so we don't lose them!