Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why camp mean so much to me...

Good Morning :)

  It's been so far one of those long work weeks, the kind you feel, will never end. It's funny how if you ask a friend and they will say something like..."Oh really?", "It went by fast for me" Lol In just a couple of weeks Pacific Coast Family Camp will be taking place in Ventura, CA. I love camps, but I haven't always felt that way about it...

  When I first started attending church I was 12 years old..I was pretty quite and made it difficult for people to make friends with me. Lol I grew interested in spiritual things and began to seek a relationship with God. I was baptized and received the Holy Ghost. :) We'll during the first few years of church I would hear of "Church Camp". I didn't really like the idea of being shipped off to some far away place, not knowing anybody. That was a risk to great, I would rather stay in my comfort zone, maybe lock myself in my room playing video games. Lol But I met my long time good friend, who attended Victory Tabernacle too. He some how convinced me to go.

  I was a nervous wreck from the second we hit the road. Donkey Rock Youth Camp, in Fresno, was the destination. When we arrived I was happy to see so many different apostolic kids that I had never met before. Which made me realize there were probably hundreds of thousands more across the country, I wanted to meet everyone of them. Lol  My friend was already quite the well known guy, he had been going to the camp for a few years before. He was a veteran. Lol He would introduce me to everyone, even the girls. haha There are so many stories I can tell of the fun we had, raiding cabins and pranking each other. There are so many things you can do with shaving cream Lol One of these nights we were all messing around and somehow things turned into a slight confrontation, I just remember my friend stood up for me and man it felt good. Some people just have that in them, that loyalty. Camp wasn't as bad as I had made it out be, I really enjoyed it. Then came along Pacific Coast Camp, and some other new ones. All great camps. Donkey Rock is where it all began for me, although I'm too old now to be a camper, I plan on sometime soon going back as dishwasher. lol

  I remember the log cabins, the bunk beds, always calling the top bunk. The amazing church services, all us youth seeking the face of God. Lets not forget about the dusty grounds.The food was good, but terrible ice tea. haha The long time friends I've made, watching as we all grew up. Some of us married now, I'm glad I took that chance. If you've never been to a camp, please do, It will only make you a stronger person. :) The friend I mentioned no longer goes to church, but I pray for him. We still talk and have lunch every now and then. God has really blessed me with people who came along and helped me. I'm not saying I have "arrived" but God has really brought me a long way. I try to help people always feel welcome and be a good friend to them. Like I've said before, you gotta give back. Luke 12:48, "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required".

Hope to see you all at Pacific Coast Camp (weather I go for the whole week or not) :)

have a good day!




  1. Your story is kind of like mine and my best friend's. Maybe I'll blog about it. I really like this post.

  2. What a great story :). I wish I could go to camp :/ I hope you have fun ;)