Friday, March 22, 2013

Good Morning!! Guess

Good Morning!

   Hope you all have a great weekend. To make things interesting, I will leave you all with this....I officially have a crush on this girl hahaha I will not say who she is but she has a smile that really lights up the room. If you wanna guess who, feel free too. It feel's like high school all over again. lol! Anyways, you all have a super blessed day and help the needy, be a friend to someone, or handle the dishes for your mom. lol  

Were planning a party for my niece and it's a lot of work. So I must go :) 

Challenge: Guessing Game. lol



  1. Sounds like high school all over again??! Don't you mean elementary!?


    Stephanie :)

  2. haha @ Cherie, yeah elementary is more like it. Stephanie who? pretty common name. lol


  3. Elias, that was ME! Stephanie! I never guessed, I was just signing my name at the bottom! I was using my sister's account! LOL

  4. @ steph

    Ohhh haha I thought your signature on the comment was your guess!