Monday, April 1, 2013

April Already!

Good Morning!

  I wasn't really feeling clever/creative this I don't have an April Fool's post :( Regardless, please continue I wan't to thank everyone who attended bell's Bday party. The food was great and it seemed all the little kids had a great time...Have you ever been inside one of those blow up bouncers? More specifically, a PRINCESS castle bouncer? lol well us "big" kids gave it a go. We couldn't resist...It did at one point cave in on us!! haha Big thanks to the tacos guys, they really took care of us. Sis Trish for hosting the party!

  So this past weekend I took a trip to Downtown L.A. If you ever visit southern California make sure and check it out...If your into shopping and crowded streets, featuring one way roads. lol The deals make it well worth it tho. I bought a new suit, also some dress shoes. Anthony went with me and he got a few things as well. If you really want to make his day...ask him how his grey shoes fit. lol He didn't double check his a result he has two diff sizes! The following day was Crystal's surprise bday party! I played the game liar for the first time. It's a really fun loud game. I actually grilled the first batch of burgers...When asked where I learned to grill, I replied..."A man's gotta eat". lol Happy Bday Crystal! Alicia did a good job of putting the party together..

Happy Late Bday Romulo!

No chalky after taste for the most part...

Saturday Morning Making Breakfest

Watch Out. lol

  Easter: We had really awesome church, Pastor White preached a great message about lifting up the name of Jesus. Bro. Michael Oscal preached evening service and the choir sang as well. I looked around during the service and saw a WAVE of Peach! seemed like everyone wore peach that night! at least it wasn't a wave of YELLOW. lol ;) So I got home earlier than normal last night..Tomas was hungry, I was already getting ready to go to bed....But I was asked to take him to In and Out...I picked up my neighbor Cody...Good kid, terrible eating habits tho. He still manages to stay thin. So as we pull up to In an Out we notice it's a little darker than usual...Come to find out, it's CLOSED! Why? well, many of you know that In and Out has a strong Christian faith background. So they were not open, I say good for them...


Del Taco it was...Hope you have a great Monday, get your cardio on.




  1. awwwww your niece is soooo CUUUUUTE!!!

  2. LOL! You said @Mary...buuuuuuut...Im the ONLY One that commented!!! HAHA!!!