Monday, March 18, 2013


Good Morning!   HERRRRROOOOO

Spent the weekend in Atwater, CA! With some of my fav. people. (Midget Crew). haha My bros and I had so much fun. Memories that will last a lifetime. I seriously never laughed so much in my life. Some memories like pranking people on Voxer, getting lost in atwater, trying to follow Jacob on his bike. Watching as Josh spray paints his car and I so gracefully rub it on my new jeans...Parking my car on the front lawn of their house. Retrieving lost football in the neighbors house.  Dropping a ton of Relish on Jacob as payback. They dumped flour all over me, while I was in the shower. Buying the new 60 dollar tomb raider game and playing it for all of 6 minutes, after boredom set in. Then randomly leaving Walmart with a new bow and arrow. hahaha Josh A. Slapping the ball in his teammates face by mistake. Jeremy's Tazor! Oh man. Too much to remember.  Had the privilege  to attend one of the services at the local church. We had awesome church. Bro. Brown preached, "I am not a grasshopper". It was in reference to the people of Israel and how they felt like grasshoppers among giants. You have to remain positive and be bold. Totally geared towards evangelism. The actual Oncourse services were awesome as well. Bro. Alvear really was under a tremendous anointing and burden for the young people. Every night was special. I only managed to get a few pics but check them out!

First time service visitor at Atwater 

Local Mall: Stopped for a pic

Not sure who took this...Josh



Jenn and Josh

All business at Baskin Robins

First night

Bro. Alvear Preaching 

Erin and I

Jeremy telling us and extremely funny story, with some visual demonstrations. lol

Matt, Josh, And I. (The week before Oncourse)

Choir with Elder Morton in the front

Nick and mama mayes (week before Oncourse)

Youth Leader and his wife. 

Roger and my neice

Too much fun

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