Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer :)

Good Afternoon,

Lot's of running around lately. Summertime is simply put, Awesome. lol Many good memories. I'm not the biggest fan of hot weather but the good outweighs the bad. I just want to post a few recent pics. Check them out. 

Softball!! Been having a great time. We meet up once a week  as a  church group. Many of the Van kids attend
They have the most fun. 

More Softball :)

A trip to Malibu, about a month back. 

I use to go through this tunnel all the time back in the day. 

My youngest bro and his good friend. Navster! Or the NAV. lol 

Kinda Cloudy

While exploring, my bro found this giant snail. SICK. lol 

This guys going long distance

Bell Gardens! 

I invited myself to ride on their new bus! It looks like a party bus converted for  serving a greater purpose!!! lol  

Some of the young people. I sat next to Paul. A new convert, also one of the coolest guys around!

Waiting to be seated. I won't give the name of the place but the food was not the best. haha

Chowing down! 

The man. The Myth. The Legend. Guzman

Discussing dieting....I was having trouble relating. lol 

We got a flat on the way to the gym!! You can see the brother outside trying to  address the situation. 


were on the side of the road. Review mirror of the freeway

John to the rescue! Our church Van picked us up!

Add him to the hero list

Now everyone is all smiles! lol 

My birthday dinner with the family! 

Bell :))

Had a little too much ice cream. 

Beach trip/Bike riding/volleyball/shopping/yogurt eating/socializing /returning rental bikes in time to avoid late fee's/avoiding collisions with pedestrians/etc.  lol 

Right by our epic parking spot. 

The pier

Fellow Bike people

The bike rental spot

They have excellent lemonade 

Dinner is served! 


Street performers/Dance battle 


The following are pics from the church camping trip! 

Everyone chillen by the river

Van kidos are having a blast! 

Our Youth Leader

Avocado sauce

Quick shutout to J.D. Happy BDAY man!!!! 

More pics to come. Hope you are all enjoying your summer.Have a nice day :)




  1. Well that's a mighty nice picture of a fence ! Lol looks like you've been having a cool summer, like ME. Heh heh... And um happy late birthday! Lol

  2. haha! good 1!

    Thank you! I'm 22.


  3. Elias, please don't get mad but.... I thought you were like 16 when I first saw you on my team! Lol don't worry though, I figured you were older when I started talking to you. Lol!

  4. haha! no, not mad at all. I get that from time to time. lol


  5. Looks like a funner summer than mine! lol And happy bday!

  6. haha It has been fun! Thank you!! Summer isn't over just yet