Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello :)

So I was thinking....why do we sometimes fear failure? fear messing things up or letting someone down? I read a quote a long time ago... 

"You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take"

-Wayne Gretzky

Pause and dwell on that for a second. Nobody likes that "Wow, I missed out" Feeling... When a friend asks, "why didn't you go?" or "why didn't you say something". We hold back and later regret it. We don't want to admit we were scared...Weather it be fear of the outcome, or someones reaction. Honesty is always the healthy option because it levels everything. I have my share of "what if" moments. Don't dwell on the past but live and LEARN :) There will be plenty of more opportunities that will come along. Moving forward and keeping that in that mind. So take the shot ;)

Have a blessed day :)


Originally posted on 07/20/2011


  1. Good post Eli! "you have nothing to fear but fear itself"

  2. Hey Bro, Thanks for stoppin by my blog. It was good seein you at PCC too. Hopefully ill be seeing you at West Coast if I get to go

  3. I agree with Emily, good, short post.

    My "go Anali!" motto is "Since when has Fear ever stopped you from doing anything?"

    Yes I talk to myself. lol. I told myself that when I doubled up on Science classes... I'm telling you, school messes with your head! haha

  4. @ Emily, Thanks!, exactly!

    @ brandon, NP. Yeah bro try to go!

    @ Anali, haha That's good motivation, encourage yourself!