Friday, December 9, 2011

What's new?

Good morning :)

   I'm trying to fight through this cold I've been plagued with. lol. Our Christmas recital is this Sunday! I'm hoping to be better by then. If not then I will have a great excuse for not singing in front of a 100 plus people. haha Jk If I'm even 50 % I'll do it. I'm so proud of my younger brother for the progress he's made on the guitar. It just takes consistent practice. Him and I have different instructors, which I think is neat, because we can develop our different styles. It's been great working with Stevie Garcia, he's a real patient guy! haha

This is the guitar I should probably stick to....

Lol :)

  Okay so I started tutoring. Just a couple nights out of the week. Basically 7-9th grade. I can't tell you how much fun it has been. Watching, the kido I work with, get a better understanding of Algebra. Together were working towards improving his overall grade. Every kid is different, some have different learning methods. As for me, all it took was that one good teacher I had. She really gave me a true understanding of it. It's unfortunate it took so long. lol but now I can help others and have been. You just have to make time and really focus.

  This has just been a much needed update. Look for this Monday's post for Recital Pics.

Have a great weekend :)



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