Monday, December 12, 2011

Dog's over cats....

Good morning! I do apologize but I forgot my camera charger this morning so I can't upload my pics. Last night was the Christmas Recital and it went so well! Our church has been blessed to have Stevie Garcia (Excellent Guitarist & great teacher) teach so many of us from Victory Tabernacle. All that practice has been paying off for the students. My friend Gary plays the piano and it was his first time playing in front of a crowd! He received the biggest applause of the night! I had to hold back all the lady fans. haha Probably had all the ushers on alert. LOL There is that slight fear of messing up a chord or even worse......YOUR Voice cracking! haha  What always calms me down is this mentality..."Your doing it for God".  As simple as it sounds, it works. lol Stevie, my brothers and I, did "Jesus Messiah". The most popular version of this song, sung by Chris Tomlin. Tells the incredible event of Jesus (God) born to this world and eventually dying for our sins. It's a simple song but I love it. I had a blast! Many visitors attended. My good friend Joseph also came! So the pics are STILL to come...Hold your breath. lol

Okay so Dog's.....There the best! They protect you, they don't ask for a whole lot, there always happy to see you! Everyone knows this! EVERYONE. lol So why the need for a cat? lol! I never really got it.

Oh well! haha ;) 

Have a good day :) 




  1. I agree...DOGS ARE BETTER...but.........

    *Sigh*...I do have a cat.... (I'm completely ashamed) Haha!

    But you didn't mention birds. Birds are AWESOME!!


  2. @ Bethany, It's okay. lol Oh and I've never had a bird! That would be pretty interesting if I got one. Good point, make sure your cat doesn't eat it. Lol

  3. I agree dogs are the best! Great post too.

  4. @ JD, haha thanks bro! Come to Cali!

  5. I kinda like cats...LOL...they both make a mess and get hair on your clothes though!!! HAHA!!! AnywayZ, I gotta start promoting this camp!!! Check it guys should consider going!!!

  6. @ Mary, Haha yeah, Okay I'll check it out!

  7. It was great seeing both of your brothers playing with you last night. I had no idea we have so many budding guitarists in Vic Tab!

  8. LOL! Those jokes are just so wrong! Cats are just independent! I love them!!! :D

  9. @ Sis McElhaney, Thanks. We had so much fun! Yeah all the guitarist stepped forward that night. lol :)

    @ Dacia, hahaha I just had to really build my case. These pictures did the job! lol