Tuesday, December 13, 2011

As promised!

Good Morning! :) Here are a few pics from Victory Tabernacle Christmas Recital 2011 :) enjoy.....

Pic #1: Victory Tabernacle Musician of the Year

Jasmine Benavente!

Special Presentations

Josh Mayes

Stevie Garcia

Some of the many in attendence

Sis Tricia

Sign Language Team!! Gary, Chloe and Gary.

Vern & Rach

Sis. Sara!




Jas & Chloe

Matt during our song..

Stevie during our song

Worlds brightest flash! 

Tom during our song..Sis Daisy on the left. lol 

Kids Choir!


It was a blessing to hear all that music. So much praise unto God! :) 




  1. AWESOME!!! I love the big O musical notes!!! You have been given a Christmas blogger challenge by Mary and Destiny! Go to the link for the details!!! :)

  2. Hopefully your voice didn't crack! Just kidding!;) I am sure you did great!

  3. @ Mary, Yeah they did a great job setting up! Okay, I have plenty of ugly sweaters. Lol

    @ Lily, It really was fun!

    @ Emily, hahaha Maybe it did, maybe it didn't LOL :)

  4. Sweeeeeeet your the 10th Apostolic blogger to join in the fun!!! Can't wait to see your Ugly Christmas sweater!!! Have your picture up by Monday the 19th!!! :)

  5. Heeey Elias!!! Just a friendly reminder for the Ugly sweater Christmas challenge...your picture must be posted by this Monday, the 19th!!! DOn't forget to let me and Destiny know when you have it posted and check out Destiny's blog for who has posted their's so for for some ideas!!! lifesabanter.blogspot.com and here for the details again!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!! :)