Thursday, April 7, 2011

Deal fell through ;)

Good day everyone!

   Okay so I know I said goodbye on my last post and I don't want to try an pull a "Brett Favre" (In and out of retirement endevavor). Lol So the deal fell through, no barbies, no tonka trucks, no future marketing site. (See April Fools post) ;) So you can all stop emailing me your Barbie Tree house discount requests. Lol! :) Resilience is here for the long run. After all it is Resilience not rigidity( the pysical property of being stiff and  resisting bending). Saved you a google search. :)

Topic of Discussion: What are some things you can't stand? Pet peeves?

I'll try and keep my list brief...

1) ONIONS!! Since I was a little kid, I had the nick name Sevoya! Because supposedly my head was the shape of an onion. (It was suppose to be cute) I didn't interpret it that way. Can't stand them.

2) The color Yellow. I don't think you will ever catch me wearing plain yellow. If you love it, that's great.

3) Automated customer service calls...This is a big one. Lol Having to repeat yourself over and over and enunciate every syllable :/ Just get me on the phone with a REAL person. :)

4) Realizing that the message you thought was sent, never went through. Once you realize it's too late! *DUN DUN DUN (Dramatic sting) Lol Sorry. :)

5) Clicks. I understand Birds of a feather flock together. You and select few might share the same interests but try to break out of your comfort zone from time to time. Either that or come up with a name for your click and print out some T-Shirts Lol

6) Politics: Honesty is thrown out the door. It all boils down to money. I'm not saying don't vote.

7) The smell of wet roads

8) Noisey eaters. CHOMP CHOMP! you know that smatting of lips noise. 0_o ??

9) Spitting in public....NOT cool.

10) Spotting something you really like (price is right) All is well, only to find out they don't have your size. Lol As strange as it might sound, I would buy it for the person who I think it might fit. Lol

11) Littering. Since when is it good to throw your trash on the floor? You wouldn't dare do it on your property. Also, those who toss their ciggarette buds out their car window. ??

12) Using God's name in vain.

13) Drivers that don't use there turn signal.

14) Wasting food, you can tell I'm totally against it. Lol :)

15) Spam.

16) The idea that you need alchol to have fun.

17) Onions

18) When you order a cold drink at Starbucks and it tastes luke warm. Cold at the top and warm on the bottom, just below the ice. All it would have took was a good stir. That's it.

19) People that love to gossip. Really?

20) First time with a new barber. Lol

21) There, Their, they're.

Yeah so I wasn't trying to vent but try your own list, I found it to be quite theraputic. haha :)

Have an outstanding day :)




  1. Lol my pet peeves (or things that just plain out annoy me):

    1)That scrreeeeccchhh on the chalkboard when your nails make contact :p

    2) People who tell someone their outfit is outrageous/weird/ugly (*who need to keep their comments to themself!*)

    3) LA Traffic *thumbs down*

    4) Waking up late and wasting the day away

    5) Shy people...

    6) Saints who don't clap on beat. LOL!

    7) LISTS THAT ARE TOO LONG lol jkjk! :) I'll stop here though! Don't want to get myself in trouble :p


  2. @ Meagen, #6! is a must on anyones list. (#7) Lol oh boy!! :)

  3. Uh Wow Elias... For trying to make it short, that was kinda long LOL :)) and sorry but you did NOT save me a google search :) ...(I believe you meant rigidity hahaha)... I do agree with many of your pet peeves though. Mainly the noise people make when chewing/eating ewww me da cosa hahahah and also the automated call thingies. Ugh, I have sure been having to go thru a lot of those lately haha 8-/
    Oh and I LOVE ONION RINGS :D hahaa...

  4. Nicole, typo. lol :) Thank you. Oh and don't get the "student smarter than the teacher attitude" haha :):)

    Onion Rings: I guess everything tastes better fried. lol Curly fries are the way to go! :)

  5. HAHA oh don't worry- I would never do that. As a matter of fact, I don't even think that that could happen in this situation seeing that you most definitely are NOT my teacher LOL.
    And sorry Elias... Once again, you are wrong. I can testify that it is not a given that everything fried is gonna be good. Have you ever tried okra? Ahahaa :)) But YES I agree with the curly fry statement haha :)

  6. Nicole, Well said. I looked up okra, it doesn't look very appealing LOL