Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Resilient Follower of the Month!

Yo :)

  This flip flopping of weather patterns has resulted in a cold :/ I'm on the road to recovery. (3,000 miles to go).
Alright well we have oursselves another Resilient follower of the month! (Yes I know there's one day left in the month) :) If you don't know what this is please see prior post. Lol

Bring on the Questions!

1) Perfect car for this person?

    -Lexus IS 300!

2) One thing this person can probably beat you at?
    -Card games for shure but this Q. should be rephrased...    
    2a) One thing this person thinks they can beat me at:
          -Volleyball ;)

3) Middle Name?
     -This questions always crushes my perfect score hopes :/ I'll go with...umm...Sarah? It doesn't blend well,
but I tried.

4) Fav Color?

    -I will go with blue!

5) Pepsi or Coke?
    -DR. PEPPER!  ^,^

6) Dogs or Cats? (Cats?! Really?)

    -Unfortunetly neither, all pets are prohibited in this house. Although another member of the family
recently tried to change this lol This links the previous follower of the month with this months. ;)

7) Height?

    -Let's go with 5'6

8) Sandals or Tennis shoes?

    -Tennis shoes, but she doesn't play tennis.

9) Instrument?

    -Piano. Side note: She sings exceptionally well.

10) What is this person probably doing right now?

       -Either teaching or sleeping. Lol

11) Fav animal?

     - ?? an Eagle!

12) What's something she won't leave the house without? Her sun glasses.

12) Something you admire about this person: Along with her family, she is reaching souls in Lancaster.
Teaching is a passion of hers and she LOVES kids with special needs.

This Months Resilient follower of the month is none other than Crystal Mayes!

Everyone make shure and wish her a Happy Birthday! :)

Have a great day everyone, go out and get some sunlight! :)



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