Friday, March 18, 2011

Each one, reach one!

Good Morning to you all :)

Today is Friday and with that we can all sigh a breath of relieve :) Now this means tomorrow will be Saturday (Shocker!) OUTREACH! I love going to outreach, I'll be honest tho, I haven't been going consistently and that needs to change :) There are many people I know who never miss it, thank you for leading by example. We go door to door and visit the van kids, many times getting new kids to come. Some of these kids come from broken homes. I know that many of the kids look forward to Saturdays because they know the people from the church are going to visit.
   For some, Sunday means more than just Sunday school, they receive love and support from the members. They hear bible stories that fascinate them beyond any movie! Hear music that praises God and not man! Find someone that can be the big brother or sister they never had. Hear the word of God and feel his presence. Some kids appear real shy, some put up walls. I know a few that act "tuf" in reality tho they want someone to spend time with them, there going through critical years in there life. God has a plan for each and every one of them! :) So go out and be involved :) "Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth", Luke 15:10. Each one counts, God is no respecter of man (Rank or status). Participate in outreach, that way were staying busy with God's kingdom. The kingdoms of this world will one day perish with a fervent heat, so why spend all your time building treasures in this life?
   We all need a reminder from time to time of where our priorities should be. Having a positive impact on someones life, brings about a sense of true fulfillment. Take someone under your wings. I've personally had many people do this for me, took the time and made me feel important and taught me God's word. We played sports, bought me lunch. There comes a time when WE must give back, weather it be of our time or resources. Reach out :)

"He's the only reason I live" (Joy Elms)


I've been blessed with so many things, God's been good to me
I have family and friends who share in all I do
But if i lose it all and I am left with nothing
If I have the Lord I know I'll make it through


He's the only reason I live, but oh, what a reason
He's the only reason I live, but oh, what a reason
There's nothing in this world worth living for
It only leaves you empty and longing for more
Oh, He's the only reason I live, but oh, what a reason


Now you may have tried a lot of things to find real happiness
But if you've looked very long, then you know it can't be found
Until you find the Lord, in the power of His Spirit
Jesus will be the reason to live, and He'll never let you down.


Dwell on that! ;) Have a good day :)




  1. Great Post! :))
    Can't wait till I start
    helping out this Sunday coming up!! :D

  2. @ Erika, Thank you. Awesome! :)