Friday, March 25, 2011

Burrito Rage!

Hello! :)

   Okay so I just had to post this crazy story I read about. Two days ago at a Taco Bell in San Antonio, a drive through customer completely flipped out! Was it because of terrible service? Long wait? Or maybe his favorite item had been discontinued? No! It was all due to the fact that the price of his beloved cheesy crunch burrito had risen by 50 Cents! He didn't know that the 99 Cent. promotion had come to an end. As wild as it sounds, the customer shot his bebe gun at the Taco Bell manager! The customers all dropped for cover. When police arrived at the scene, he fired shots at the squad cars. There was then a stand off that ended with the man surrendering. This was after police threw tear gas into a near by hotel room that the suspect ran into. The suspect was detained and is now facing attempted murder charges. All over a 50 Cent price change on his burrito?! UNREAL! I hope nobody notifies this guy about the current price per gallon of gas.

Have a good day and keep your "cool" ;)




  1. You know what, I totally believe this story and also that the devil lives in San Antonio because that's where my purse got stolen!!


  2. @ Bethany, Yeah crazy but TRUE. lol sorry about your purse! A friend of mine almost had her purse stolen yesterday!

  3. Haha, you would post something about tacobell!

  4. @ Erika, Lol it was more about the disgruntled customer but yeah. :)