Friday, December 10, 2010

Help Wanted. :)

What's going on everyone? :)

Well good news, I purchased a puppy! Its a girl, and she a German Shepard!! (One of my fav. breeds) Now we have more company for Max. I still haven't decided on a name sooooo....


Have a great weekend Every1. Over and out.




  1. Ok but for reals...
    I've ALWAYS like the name Sniper. It sounds like a protector dog's name. I prayed long and hard bout submitting this (b/c one day I'll name my dog Sniper but by then so many ppl will have read this and thought Sniper is a fabulous name too that it'll no longer be unique). However, I'm laying my pride aside.
    Sniper is like THEE coolest dog name EVER. And it's like WAY original. I've never met/seen a dog with that name. I win?


  2. Bethany, Sniper IS a totally cool name! If I chose that name I will let everyone know who thought of it! lol I've had a German Shepard before and they are very protective dogs. Hypothetically speaking, What if she were to get out and we yelled out "Smiper" would everyone duck or run inside??! lol :)

  3. Hey Bro Ran into this Blog and was surprised you have so much to say for being of the male species! LOL I enjoyed your perspective and views keep it up you might even meet your wife here cuz they like guys that can talk and talk but also listen LOL again, so anyways I think I have the name for your female German Shepherd as you might know Mine lived for 18 years! and she was a female I named her Chach for Chacha girl but you can name yours Chica OK bro see ya soon..God Bless you how about you post a pic of you and that chubbi dude Jesse..LOL

  4. @ Nembro, thank you. Lol I went with Layla...About Jesse, Havent seen him in a while, we have been boycotting his restaurant lol But if I do, I'll be sure to post 1.